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Joe Biden in Wisconsin Review

Joe Biden in Wisconsin Review

Joe Biden is on tour to defend his reputation after a weak debate performance. I caught him on video at his Wisconsin stop. Democratic people don’t care about how a speech is given, but what he gives a speech about. Lies don’t inform about the Trumpism agenda, people want to know about the real plan. Don’t take it from me. Bernie Sanders put it best.
In this post you can look at the Biden presidential campaign through the eyes of Bernie Sanders based on a post-debate rally in battleground Wisconsin.

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These are extremely difficult and painful times. People are demoralized.

The presidential debate last Thursday was a disaster. Trump lied, lied, and lied. Biden did very poorly in defending his record, or exposing Trump for the fraud that he is. Further, he did not bring forth a strong agenda for this second term.

Trump told us that “everybody” wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Lie! Over 60% of the American people disagreed with that horrific Supreme Court decision.

Trump told us that illegal immigrants are destroying Social Security because of the benefits they receive. Lie! Illegal immigrants do not receive Social Security benefits. In fact, they put some $10 billion a year into the program that they do not benefit from.

Trump ignored the question on climate change. Maybe it’s because he has the unique and insane view that climate change is a “hoax” created in China.

Trump refused to answer the question about whether he would accept the election results if he lost. Maybe, that’s because he won’t, and because he doesn’t believe in democracy. In the last election he told the world that the only way he could lose that election was if there was fraud — to be determined by him. His views haven’t changed.

Friends. I do not posses a crystal ball, and I have no brilliant political insights as to what the campaign might look like over the next few days or weeks. President Biden said today that he is staying in the race, and I take him at his word.

But this I do know. Democrats will not win this election, for the White House or Congress, unless they focus on the very real and pressing concerns facing working families. Yes. The President has established and should defend the good record that he has established during his first term. But, much, much more needs to be done to address the economic, social, and environmental crises facing the working class. That agenda must be articulated NOW. The policy contrasts with the Republicans must be made clear.

Republicans are proud to have overturned Roe v. Wade. We must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade and guarantees women the right to control their own bodies.

Republicans think climate change is a hoax. We must create millions of good jobs transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel.

Republicans want to cut Social Security. We must strengthen and expand Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable income.

Republicans want to cut Medicare. We must expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing, and vision.

Republicans want to give tax breaks to billionaires. At a time of massive income and wealth inequality we must make the wealthy finally pay their fair share.

Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage to a living wage. We must raise the minimum wage to a living wage — at least $17 a hour.

Republicans ignore the crisis in low-income and affordable housing. We want to end homelessness and build millions of units of affordable housing.

Republicans want to make it harder for workers to join unions. We must grow the trade union movement, end illegal anti-union actions, and pass the PRO Act.

Republicans want to spend even more money on the military-industrial complex. One trillion dollars is not enough. We must stop defense companies from war-profiteering and, like every other agency of government, run the military more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Yes, I, like I suspect many of you, have had my significant disagreements with the Biden Administration. But I do know that time and time again he has been willing to support and sign progressive legislation… but only if we were able to get it to his desk.

So our job this November is clear: first, we must defeat Donald Trump, the worst president in modern American history.

But we must also elect as many progressive to Congress as we possibly can so that we can get legislation to the president’s desk that will improve the lives of working people.

That is what I intend to do between now and November, and I hope you will join me in that fight. During the last few weeks we’ve had great meetings in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Now listen to what Joe says and check off the boxes.