Urge Nancy Pelosi To Start Impeachment Investigations

Now It Is Time To Urge Nancy Pelosi To Start Impeachment Investigations

Get on the phone or email and Facebook Message Nancy Pelosi to get on with impeachment so Congress can unlock the authority needed to investigate Trump-Russia, Trump’s profiteering, and his minions in the Republican party. This is not a matter of political calculations. Their side is on a scorched Earth policy with us, so there’s nothing to lose. Be sue to tell her that it’s not partisan to do your duty, but apparently it helps.

Need To Impeach trump for treason

It’s time to impeach, and even Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows it — she recently said that impeachment is on the table for her. Email her today to ask her to begin an impeachment inquiry.
In addition to invoking executive privilege over the Mueller report, Donald Trump has handed down instructions to his staff to not comply with subpoenas. Don McGahn, the former White House counsel who was a star witness in the Mueller report, was supposed to testify before Congress this morning — but the White House is blocking it.
Once again, Congress is letting this criminal president off easy. Every day that we allow this administration to pick and choose which laws apply to them is a day that our democracy deteriorates a little bit more. We’re setting a dangerous precedent by letting Trump’s word be final.
We’ve got the Constitution on our side here, James. It’s time to use it. Send Speaker Pelosi an email today to hold this criminal president accountable:
Email Speaker Pelosi
Karla Hudson
Director of Civic Engagement
Need to Impeach

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