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  • USA In The Streets

    America In The Streets

    This is going to be a large post so get a fresh beverage ready and read on. The only story of this moment is commented on by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. This is what America sounds like when the voices of mature and skilled leadership speaks, These are inspiring as well as guiding light that is such an obvious opposite of Trump fleeing to his bunker tweeting bunk distractions.

  • Trump to privatize mail delivery

    Save the Postal Service From Trump

    We now need to save the United States Postal Service from elimination by Trump and the Republican't Party. It is a globalist plan to destroy the last Constitutional Office still existing, destroy the last large union of government workers and even repress the mail in vote!

  • Good Job Bernie thank you

    Sanders campaign ends, the struggle continues

    It's official, the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign is over. The struggle continues because the Democratic Party needs to complete the progressive changes in itself, before we can credibly take our message to the general election voters. We thank you for breaking progressives through the media blockade. Bernie thanks all the small donors, phone bankers, (the only kind of banker he accepts help from) the surrogates, the canvassers and those who reached out to people with the hopeful message of saving representative democracy in the face of fascism.

  • Bernie Sanders Corona Virus Update -Plus MoveOn

    Bernie Sanders Corona Virus Update Many of us are feeling the impact on our lives from the Corona Virus, COVID-19, pandemic. And from the lack of an adequate response to it from our federal government. The crisis is exposing ineptitude, corruption, and abysmal failures in the Trump administration

  • Bernie Sanders voters demand continuing the campaign

    Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday and Continuing the Campaign

    Bernie is not a brand. Bernie has not- for a second campaign for President, benefited from the rich and famous elites by hanging out for dollars. This phenomenon is a true grass roots coalition of those who have lived long enough to experience systematic injustice in America. A breakdown in democracy that the Constitution was designed to fix, once we get sane hands on the levers of power.

  • What Is It Like To Go To A Caucus

    In case you were wondering, this is how to attend and participate in a primary election caucus. While each State has many variations and rules, this will capture  and present the general feel of it for you. Some States don't use a caucus at all. Enjoy this video and these notes about the video.

  • convince others to register and vote against Trump

    Put Trump on the stand

    On Thursday night, Bernie Sanders supporters made 547,552 phone calls to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday states with the most important question of the campaign: