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  • Impeachment Trial Or Cover Up: Jill Wine-Banks Can Tell

    Over 51% are ready to remove Trump before the evidence is seen. They want to see the documents, emails and photos. Also they want to hear from the witnesses and see them questioned. Republicans want none of it made public. When team Trump has no ability to point to a single witness that can refute the Articles of Impeachment. That is not a pretext to simply dismiss the charges and reward Donald Trump for colluding with a hostile foreign power

  • Small Donors are important to counter the wealthy donors

    Bernie Sanders Proving Small Donors Count

    Bernie Sanders is still proving that small donors count for a lot. They have kept Bernie on par with the other candidates now for a second Presidential campaign in a row. Our small, sustainable, repeatable, donations are the first result of people power trumping money power. The ultimate victory of people power is on voting day, but first we need to continue to fund the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Small donors don't just count for funding, they make Bernie credible to the media and the Democratic Party.

  • Keep activism going round the clock

    Your Trump Impeachment Top 5 Weekly To-do List

    The House is on recess (now through Nov 11), and that means we need you to step up and plan an event at a district office or RSVP to a town hall right now. No member of Congress should be able to escape the drumbeat of impeachment from their constituents

  • Putin gets what he wants from republicans

    Trick or Treat, Let’s Blitz Moscow Mitch McConnel

    It's going to be a real treat when Mitch McConnell is exposed for all their dirty tricks to bring down democracy. Look in Mitch's graveyard of Bills passed in the House, 3 for election security, that he has committed to a shallow grave. Bring these issues back up from the dead like zombies.