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  • Small Donors are important to counter the wealthy donors

    Bernie Sanders Proving Small Donors Count

    Bernie Sanders is still proving that small donors count for a lot. They have kept Bernie on par with the other candidates now for a second Presidential campaign in a row. Our small, sustainable, repeatable, donations are the first result of people power trumping money power. The ultimate victory of people power is on voting day, but first we need to continue to fund the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Small donors don't just count for funding, they make Bernie credible to the media and the Democratic Party.

  • the power of Us

    Bernie Campaign Report

    please say that you endorse our campaign right now. Bernie2020 has 400,000 more donors than Trump. Joining our grass roots small donation revolution. It's the best way to denounce the current money-driven political system we are in now. Learn how we harness people power to overpower the money power!