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  • Help Biden Build Better Support

    Help Build Back Better With Joe Biden

    We want the infrastructure updated with the newest technology, our damaged democratic process given guard rails against voter disenfranchisement, and our energy system of the 1880's replaced with renewable decentralized wind and solar power.

  • voter empowerment needs to end the fikibuster

    June Is Time To Restore Voter Confidence With MoveOn

    Help MoveOn restore voter access for all US citizens to the ballot process and confidence in getting the changes we voted for. Resist Trumpism in our legislature, sign the petition to remove Marjorie "Trailer" Greene. Contact your Senator about the need to end the filibuster. Also help MoveOn fight for progressive democratic candidates to win in 2012. Did you join 70% of the country? Go get your ouchie voucher today.

  • The Final Word On Bill Barr

    The Last Word on Trumpster AG Barr is finally out. Made it to the end of the Trump Administration and his special immunities. The last word on Bill Barr will come down hard.

  • Stop fascist religion

    Q ‘s For Jesus, A Cult Infection In The Body

    I call it Q's For Jesus, A Cult infection in the Body of Christ is accelerating in the USA. This is the poison fruit of a cursed tree the Republican panderers and militia exploiters have been cultivating since the Nixon Administration. Years of infiltration is done to politicize church congregations, draw away followers, raise money under cover of charity, and discredit Christianity