DNC 2020 A Virtual Convention -Pt 1

DNC 2020 A Virtual Convention -Pt 1
Setting the Stage Thru Delegate Count

Read my instant review of the Democratic National Convention. In 2020 it turns out to be a virtual convention. An E-vention. Let’s soak up the talking facts and get fired up to vote by any means necessary. Never before has an election been a choice between the people and a Party that wants to block your vote? It’s a referendum on democracy itself!

This is part one

the Paul Revere of the resistance
CLICK ME to read the facts behind the hidden parts of the Mueller report.

Setting the stage for the defining issues, Bernie and Joe nominations,  and the delegate count. I Stream of consciousness chronicle while watching the live stream. I want to get the convention experience in a de-centralized way.

So this is how I got what I wanted, to experience the interior look and feel of a convention.
I chose to watch free tv streams of MSNBC. Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea as thee was distinct bottle necking of the servers. The best stream was MSNBC’s YouTube channel.

First Of All

How great was it that Joe Biden Picked Kamala Harris for his running mate!

This is a winning team, enough to supersede the cheating of Republicans. An excellent VP pick indeed. We need her to be America’s vengeance agent to fast walk the Trumpster Gang into a much-needed Trump Crimes Commission.

Who will Biden pick for VP running mate
Remember, you don’t have to donate to have your surveys and petitions count, just click to complete the activity. But Bernie did prove that small donations matter.


I’m convinced that the Biden for President Campaign decided after collecting many streams of polling data.

The Nomination of Kamala Harris

Fight for Reform

Kamala Harris is calling on every American to take action and SAVE the U.S. Postal Service from Trump’s attacks:

Kamala Harris: We must fight with every breath we have to make sure USPS workers are protected.

There are less than 80 days until the 2020 Election. And Trump knows that Republicans’ chances for re-election are SINKING.

So lets go ALL-IN to block Trump’s plot to destroy the Postal Service and prevent Americans from voting-by-mail.

United States Postal Service is not associated or affiliated with End Citizens United Nonfederal and has not sponsored or approved of this communication. Paid political advertisement paid for and provided in kind by End Citizens United Nonfederal, P.O. Box 66005, Washington, D.C. 20035.
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C.H.O.P Autonomous Zone In Seattle Bernie Endorses – Enough said!

Anti authoritarianism makes this the most important election in our nation’s history. We can ally the democrats with our movement against oligopoly and bigotry. This is key for the future of democracy. Together we moved on into a bold new direction,
based on justice and compassion. Joe gets it. He will evolve as long as the movement continues to grow and take hold. We must never treat what Trump does as normal. Joe and Kamala will fight all insidious levels of right wing authoritarianism. Joe is not to be led. But he is a true and proven team player to preserve our nation. We owe it to the families caught on a treadmill. There’s room for a more inclusive aspect to the American dream.

Good Job Bernie thank youAlso, some Noticeable agendas were rolled out.
A 15 year policy to generate our electricity with 100% renewable energy
Lower Medicare age from 65 to 60. A good first step if the plan is to reduce it to age 0 to cover all born Americans.

Bernie’s numbers in the primaries track closely to the proportion of Bernie-crats in the whole pool of registered Democratic Party members.

Bernie’s out loud endorsement should be considered Our Revolution’s delivery receipt to the greater left. A proof that the next 4 years in the Democratic Party will continue trending progressive. He successfully adds fresh recruits. Most importantly we have proven the concept of low dollar repeatable donations to the exclusion of corporate interest funding. Joe has done this one better. He won the primary and leads the Presidential race having spent practically nothing. Great ideas promote the candidate better than any tv commercial, or Fakesbook ad, or YouTube ad campaign from Trump.
Bernie also endorses Joe Biden on a USA Today Stream,

Think of it!

Your Vote

can beat a million dollars. We will turn it into a waste of oligarch wealth tossed into thin air!

Michelle Obama – Wise Resistance

Michelle gave the Democratic National Convention a backdrop in words

It was a State of the Union as if it were delivered by an elderly black woman. Some say that old black women are America’s early warning system. She sounded the alarm for the Democratic national alert system. The fabric of our society is being targeted and we don’t have fallout shelters for this sort of impending foreign attack.USA In The Streets
Trump has a strange idea of who are the enemies of the State.

Day 2. The legal eagles and whistle-blowers

Chicken wire fence for trump White Coop
CLICK HERE – To send chicken wire fence to the White House

Ready for battle?
The Democratic Party is.
Michelle Obama set the background. Now the stage will be set. the field of contest must be delineated. The second night objective is to set the lines of resistance to defeat Trump and the Republicans. She walked us through Joe’s record of public health, justice, accountability, competence, and understanding in all areas of modern life. All of which are paths Trump can neither tread or counterfeit. Wonder if Bannon will be out on bail for the RNC.
AOC wants women to get the recognition for all the work they did building up our nations and families.
Chip away at inequity and bend the curve of history toward justice.

Yates was an inside resister.

Said no to one of Trump’s malicious commands. His Muslim travel ban was the last straw that began her resisting Trump’s self serving administration. Now she will vote for the man who doesn’t serve himself and abuse authority.

Joe embodies the character required for high office.
A word for the resistance. Heed the dignified indictment of Trump’s campaign from the experienced, 95 yr old voice of Jimmy Carter. The first Democratic President to get rat fucked, to the point of treason by Republicans. Back in the ’70’s the GOP was colluding with Iran.
Bill Clinton came on strong and launched into Trump’s record. Bill knocked him out of the park!

The USA is 1/10 population but 25% of the COVID-19 cases in the world. When Bill speaks of temperament, we heard true gravitas in his endorsement.
Finally, he reminded us of Obama’s recovery, and Joe will have to help do it again!

Infrastructure Jobs

Build Back Better

Here’s where you can read the 2020 preliminary National Party Platform

Party Platform

Tom Perez DNC Chairman gave the Roll Call. Then they heard support summaries for the nominations of Bernie and for Joe. When you participate you own a piece of history.
Got fired up by a Blunt, Rep Lisa Blunt. Would have liked delegates to come in PIP form instead of full screen. The outdoor feeds looked great.

John Kerry, the President who got cheated, then he cheated himself and the party instead of fighting for us. That failure has so emboldened the Republican Party dirty tricks which has increased in vitriol and boldness that led us to the Senate acquittal in the Trump impeachment.
Tried to watch on NBC but the talking head noise over the action on screen ticked me off. So I watched on MSNBC where they let people talk who are supposed to be talking.
An immigrant Gold Star dad resisted when he became a Democratic delegate. Khizr Khan showed a way to fight back when a fake candidate directly i nsults him. Nice to see him again.

Will there be a second round of stimulus payments



Here’s a feature of the DNC that COVID-19 produced

Joe did a virtual town hall type panel discussion. It was like being at the convention in a break-out session about the successes of the ACA that must be restored and improved. It’s still shows through that the ACA must lead to a disestablishment of the true  enemy to healthcare in the USA. An example. One panelist had a million dollar per year pill cost.

Why should one person be worth a million dollars a year in drugs. Health insurance companies and big pharma are still ripping off our tax dollars.

Not merely healthcare we can afford, we need all the care we deserve.

John Kerry led by example with Joe Biden during the Obama Administration.
Trump’s activity has been nothing but a petulant dissolution of what he’s been handed.
We would restore the trust of our allies and the attention of our foes when we get a leader and party not owned by Putin and global organized crime.


TMI? She presented the man behind the politician in warm detail that three generations of the Trump family couldn’t match. Trumpism congers false veneers for authenticity. We want the real deal!

Blue Wave Biden

Indivisibles,Last night, Michelle Obama set the tone for the rest of the Democratic National Convention and all of our work until November. She spoke as a former First Lady and as an everyday American — making us think long and hard about the power of the president and calling us to reevaluate the direction we’ve taken in the last 4 years. But not all is lost: even in the face of tragedy and injustice, people from all walks of life keep showing up to demand better for themselves and their neighbors. Since 2016, more people have become activists in our fight to combat blatant racism, sexism, bigotry, and homophobia. The fight is long and hard, and it won’t stop after November 3, but our votes, our activism, and our continued pressure on elected officials can get us back on track. 
We’ve got a lot of work to do before November, and that’s why we need all hands on deck to elect Joe Biden. Sign up to phonebank and textbank to reach the voters we need to bring into our movement:  

Sign up here!

Indivisible started as a way to take a stand against the Trump agenda. This is what we’ve been working towards, this is the most consequential election of our lifetimes. Everything is on the line: our economy, our planet, our reputation, and our democracy. During her speech, Michelle reminded us that our country is failing on matters of character and empathy — if we don’t respond, things will only get worse. 
By electing Joe Biden, we are opening the door to a more progressive future. During his speech, Senator Bernie Sanders told us that he and Joe share many of the same priorities and that, when they can work together, Democrats have more in common than we might be led to believe. Joe has already shown support for progressive ideas that were once considered radical — like raising the minimum wage, transitioning to a green economy, and guaranteeing access to healthcare. A united front is the best way to beat Trump and his Republican conspirators and how we will push the entire country forward. 

But, Michelle is right: Trump lives by the notion that winning is more important than morality and duty. As president, Trump would rather ignore, expel, and attack anyone or anything that threatens his power. Instead of taking action to save and protect as many people as possible during the pandemic, he spent his time bashing an already struggling Postal Service and lying about the security of mail-in voting. Instead of trying to make voting safer and more accessible, he appointed a Postmaster General who made strategic operational changes that called into question whether mail-in ballots would be received and counted at all. 

It wasn’t until today that the Postmaster General said he would suspend changes to USPS operations, and the only reason he’s (supposedly) changed his mind is because of public pressure (pressure works!). This fight is far from over — not only do we not know for sure that the changes will be reversed, we know that Trump is still doing everything he can to prevent people from voting by mail in November and we need measures to hold him accountable.

Americans everywhere are taking notice of how our rights are being subverted by this president. Senator Amy Klobuchar reminded us of just how essential the Post Office is for a functioning democracy. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, speaking on behalf of her state of Nevada, addressed Trump directly and refused to concede to his intimidation tactics. It’s not a controversial point: regardless of party affiliation, our leaders are elected to uphold our rights. If Trump and his Republican enablers in the Senate won’t do that, we’re just going to have to elect leaders who will. 

Here are a few things you can do right now: 

We’re looking forward to hearing from all the speakers this week (you might recognize a few big names). Tonight you can expect to hear from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Frmr. Attorney General Sally Yates, and Frmr. Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Worried you’ll miss any of the highlights? We’ve got you covered with the first of many DNC-themed episodes of Indivisible Weekly and a compiled playlist of the speakers that we’ll be updating all week. 

Make sure you join us tonight at 9 pm ET to watch day 2 of the Convention here. Don’t forget your Windivisible Bingo Cards!

In solidarity, 
Indivisible Team

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