DNC 2020 A Virtual Convention -Pt 2 Candidate Nomination

DNC 2020 A Virtual Convention -Pt 2
The Nomination of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

DNC 2020 A Virtual Convention – Nomination of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

It’s unanimous, Kamala is the VP candidate. Joe has unified the Democratic Party with a progressive platform that encompasses Obama, Bernie, Elizabeth faction policies.

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DNC Review Part 2

Day 3 was ladies’ night

The field of progressive new women in political office leading up to an anticipated sharp witted indictment of Donald Trump. A showcase of powerful women culminating in a hope-inspiring speech from Kamala Harris. Emperor Trump will be destroyed and she will let us know exactly why he will fail under our resistance and perseverance.

the Paul Revere of the resistance
CLICK ME to read the facts behind the hidden parts of the Mueller report.

This time I tried watching the official live stream of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. A free service to anyone on the Actblue.com email list. Youtube live streams may have inserted ads and free internet-tv can crash at the wrong time. I aim to avoid frustration.
I liked how the official stream can be backed up for replay and skipping back to the present.

Gabbie Gifford

She is an example of the scope of our violent right wing adversary. She stood back up and won after they shot her down. She started the nomination process that continued by several democratic women who are excelling in their service to our nation. This was coupled with a multimedia presentation about conquering the climate change crisis through alternative energy investment. The smart grids that started with help from the Obama Administration are still keeping thousands of workers building windmills and solar farms. The need for large wattage projects has shot way above the already large home and commercial installation market.
Getting off of gasoline? Maybe get on an E-bike.

E-Bikes Continued

Praise in song

Billie Eilish performed the first song of the 2020 DNC. Maybe at the RNC Trump will trot Meatloaf, Kidd Rock, and Ted Nugent out again. She sang of a future you can be in love with. Many artists are suing the Trump campaign for unauthorized use of their music. Nobody wants that association. Artists were climbing over each other to get a song off live in the DNC. And we can hear it this year!

Here’s my favorite country song, BTW

Democratic immigrant history is deep in this nation.

DNC 2020 Harris Nomination endorsement

Nancy Pelosi

Always at the front line of conflict between democracy and the Trump administration.
It was such an honor for her to address the Democratic National Convention. Even though we’re all participating from home, I could still feel how fired up everyone was. That energy was electric, so now, she is personally reaching out to ask you to turn that energy into action.

Free Sticker: Kamala Harris (via MoveOn)

Dear MoveOn member, 

In just a few hours, Senator Kamala Harris will make history as she accepts the Democratic nomination for vice president of the United States.

If we defeat Trump this November—and if we all do our part, we will—Senator Harris will become the first Black person, first South Asian American, and first woman to ever hold the office of vice president.

This DNC will go down in the history books.

Kamala’s life of service

Senator Harris is a lifelong public servant and civil rights leader. She was the first woman to serve as attorney general of California and only the second Black woman in history to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

As a U.S. senator, Harris has fought to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, make higher education tuition-free for the vast majority of Americans, reform the cash bail system, protect the legal rights of refugees and immigrants, and expand access to affordable, quality health care. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, she’s been a leading voice in the fight to hold the Trump administration accountable. 

And most recently, in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd, she introduced a bill to ban lynching in all its forms—something Congress has refused to do for more than 100 years.

Now, Senator Harris is teaming up with Joe Biden to take on—and take down—Trump and Pence.

But the road to the White House won’t be easy. We all know what’s waiting for Senator Harris in the hours, days, and weeks to come: a barrage of hate-filled, sexist, and racist attacks from Donald Trump and his allies.

We won’t let them get away with it.

Show you have Senator Harris’s back by ordering your FREE Kamala Harris sticker today!

Thanks for all you do. 

–Chris, Oscar, Kelly, Mohammad, and the rest of the team

1. “Mike Pence, Trump’s VP Pick, Is Pretty Damn Homophobic,” Vice, July 15, 2016
2. “Kamala Harris officiating Prop. 8 plaintiffs’ San Francisco wedding,” Los Angeles Times, June 28, 2013

After the 2020 DNC, Move On

Commemorate her DNC 2020 Nomination

Keep this historic occasion and show the world that you stand with Senator Harris by ordering a FREE Kamala Harris sticker today!

As a Black woman and advocate for justice, as the daughter of immigrants, and as a compassionate and skilled leader, Kamala Harris is the exact opposite of Trump and Pence’s racism, xenophobia, sexism, cruelty, and incompetence. 

Unlike Pence, who has a long history of virulent homophobia, Kamala Harris is a champion for the LGBTQ community.1
As attorney general, she even officiated at the first same-sex wedding in California history!2
She was on the Larry King Show when Stephanie Miller came out.

Want to support our work? 

The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump’s agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation’s pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?

Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford.

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, http://pol.moveon.org/. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.Repeated here gratis as a public service of Motiv8ionN8ion.com




Hillary Clinton has fought tooth and nail for women and families.

She understands the inequities so many face and refuses to let it go. She’s a fighter — and we’re so thankful for that. Trump and the GOP are trying to destroy the incredible legacy she’s built. That’s why we need your help!

Take the survey today and let us know what you think of Hillary’s legacy:


DNC 2020 Nomination of Kamala Harris as VP candidate If he had put his ego aside…
It takes a village to compensate for weak leadership. She knows and endorses our winning team of Biden Harris.
We got a profile of the woman who may potentially be President, Nancy Pelosi.
Both battle tested and ready to lead on day one

Elizabeth Warren

 Working parents have serious issues that never got addressed by the Republican’t Party. Childcare aid, equal pay for women. To add injury to insult, Trump’s “suburban housewives” have no safe clean schools just like there’s no clean coal.
Joe Biden will work with Elizabeth Warren to fight for the things she cares about most.
She doesn’t need to be VP now. She can just propel the progressive agenda from her Senate seat.

Warren Democrats
This week’s Democratic National Convention marks the start of the final stretch before November’s election. The most consequential election of our lifetime. 
All the work we do in the next 76 days will determine whether or not we take back control of not only the White House, but take back the Senate, expand our House majority, flip state houses, and elect local leaders.
This team has big plans to get to work and help elect Democrats up and down the ballot, all across the country November 3rd.
If you’re fired up and ready to get more involved, your donation today would help accomplish three critical missions:

  • Help elect more Democratic candidates this November who share our vision for big, structural change and support bold reform as a response to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Help power the fight at the federal, state, and local level by organizing together to push for the solutions we need right now and for bold, popular grassroots economic and government reform in the months to come.
  • Mobilize grassroots supporters to ensure Elizabeth remains a powerful national voice.
the Paul Revere of the resistance
CLICK ME to read the facts behind the hidden parts of the Mueller report.


President Barack Obama

Participate and maintain your political presence. You are now in the age of feedback.
Kamala started up with a message about the need to check your registration.
Fight for your country and distinguish yourself with the truth.
The NRA is a dead duck.

Blue Wave Biden - DNC 2020 Nomination

What we do shall echo through generations to come..
A lesson from a constitutional law professor.
He had hoped that Trump would learn to take the job seriously or putting in any work.
Politics of ratings and rantings. and making merchandise of all the divisions
If you’re still undecided, look at Joe. See the strength of character you haven’t seen in 4 years. Barack endorses the Joe Kamala team, emphatically. Everything Obama did that worked, Joe helped build that law or policy.
He implores us that this is a team effort with democracy at stake. if you’re cynical about government consider this. If you were cheated, diminished and rejected, and broken promises. You will find there’s a right wing Republican’t telling you what you cant do. Elections form long ago still matter now, the new vote can change it at every level of office.
Where do you go after Obama?

Only to Kamala Harris, of course!

Zoomified DNC 2020 Nomination of Kamala Harris
The Democratic National Convention Gets ZOOM-i-fied!

They played a great multimedia introduction that show off her social proof in the real world.

Kamala Harris DNC 2020 Nomination

Kamala with husband Doug, sisters and extended family detailed her proof of birth and authenticity of experience in public service. It’s an impressive an appropriate resume! Kamala played it kind of safe for this celebratory occasion. Not many hits on Trump in this speech.
Then she launches into today’s issues in a huddle with the girls moment. She really addressed the women of our nation tonight.
Her side of the Presidential election campaign is about new voters and their issues. She can lead the Warren and Bernie Democrats. No bad compromises.
So Speak Truth – Have Faith

Day 4
DNC 2020 Presidential Candidate Nomination of Joe Biden Jr.

the Paul Revere of the resistance
CLICK ME to read the facts behind the hidden parts of the Mueller report.

Can you sign to protect the USPS?
This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.

President Trump has been drastically escalating his crusade against the United States Postal Service. And over the weekend, Speaker Pelosi called the House back to Washington to deal with Trump’s manufactured USPS crisis.

This much is clear: this is Trump’s biggest attack yet on the integrity of this year’s elections — which makes it all the more urgent that we fight back.

Urge the House to restore normal Postal Service operations and forbid any major changes to the USPS during the COVID-19 crisis.

Trump’s handpicked postmaster Louis DeJoy has made major changes to the USPS that will cause unnecessary delays in mail, including mail-in ballots. You’ve seen the stories all over the news: public mailboxes being removed by the truckload, sudden personnel shake-ups, new restrictions for postal workers that limit their ability to bring us our mail every day…

And while DeJoy made a vague statement yesterday promising no additional changes — he didn’t commit to reversing the damage that he has already done.

We urgently need your voice to stop this attack on a cherished American institution — and ensure a free, fair, and secure election this November. Tell the House to pass the Delivering for America Act.

Trump made his motives clear when he told Fox News last week that he’s against funding the USPS because: “They need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.”

Thanks for all you do,
Devon Nir, Digital Campaigner and the team at Common Cause

Common Cause. Move On Civic Action and Move On Political Action do not endorse the contents of this email or the petitions posted on Move On’s public petition website. Repeated here gratis as a public service of Motiv8ionN8ion.com


Day 4 The Nomination Of Joe Biden

Andrew Yang gave his pitch to the non-voter and first timer. Please give the democratic process a chance. Don’t miss it. Our future is now.

Julia Louis Dreyfus was a nice surprise

She fed the people who wanted to hear Trump teasing, some red meat. The 2020 DNC has the best Chicks.
Chris Coons talked about the Catholic faith roots of Joe Biden. His faith has always been a moral compass. While tempering his faith with respect to belief diversity, he’s no theocrat. Joe isn’t trying to get you to follow his beliefs.
Kiesha Lance Bottoms gave her best advice -use the early vote. 40 States have it.

Bernie victory app

txt vote

to 30330

There was a moving multimedia tribute to John Lewis. A true grass roots mentor to his fellows in Congress.
Then a song of hope from John Legend.
Hope is where elder wisdom meets youthful energy to be woven into the rich tapestry of history.
Deb Haaland I have one question. What happened to the native vote in Oklahoma?
How do we enable the native votes of indian country? People’s health, land, and democracy itself are defended at the ballot box.
Putin has the GRU working full time to hack our systems and minds, we have a lot of BS to cut through to get to some hearts and minds. Ultimately, you do you.

Cory Booker was there

Ready to talk about unions and how they created the middle class. Meanwhile, the only unions Donald Trump likes are shady police unions.
Unions proved how together we will rise, but union jobs are under constant attack. Trump just hates unions because they get a lot of donors for the Democratic side, so the union-busting job Reagan started in the 80’s continues. Union membership is at an all time low under Trump’s administration today. He wants to kill the postal worker’s union to raid one of the last large federal worker pensions.
Nobody alive has the long and authentic partnership with trade unions than Joe Biden.
Another breakout session. We could use a day of these after Joe’s nominated.
Dems tell us the truth about Coronavirus. A safe vaccine fairly distributed.

Biden on War
Lead by the power of our example, not by an example of our power.

Mayor Pete upheld the soldier’s view of Biden. Then the DNC went down another road that Trump and the Republican’t Party dare not tread! Trump will not be able to find  a single President or also-ran to come forward with a full-throated endorsement. Biden got all of them. This is the most inclusive and on-board organization I’ve seen in decades.

Michael Bloomberg was allowed a couple minutes to speak.
A famous political chameleon, he shows us an a-political comparison. He delivered it almost a la George Carlin. OK, worth a watch.

Build back better with green energy and product development. Made in the USA.


The DNC then had a Jerry Lewis telethon type of speech about the future of healthcare in the USA. Trump has deplorables on the schedule of the RNC.
I didn’t know it was Joe’s campaigning that put the Democratic Party on the map in Delaware.
Joe Biden served during the most trying times. Stood up against Republican wars since Bush Gulf War. He also overcame great personal sacrifice.
Trump can keep a stiff upper lip when facing a family member death or two, but only because he’s a sociopath.
Biden apparently was saved the place to bring the campaign battle on to Trump and Trumpism.

Trump has no plan -that he’ll admit to

Now we know that Biden has plans, including Warren’s. With a team in the Democratic Party ready to get passed the decade-old stack of bills off of Mitch McConnell’s desktop jail. It will make the new democratic legislative session the most productive in the nation’s history! People feared that Biden was a moderate who will merely undo the Trump damage and return to a status quo. This DNC 2020 E-vention showed us just how much better we aspire to raise our country.

Joe Biden Nomination Speech

Trump got busted by Biden and left no defense. Trump and Pence will wither in any debates they don’t flee from. Based on the Hillary debates he needs to learn social distancing practices.

Biden and Harris have been Senators and they know we need to flip every Republican’t Party obstruction out. We must win every seat we can. Them we must keep it up for two more election cycles to finish the party of Putin.
I would put Joe Biden’s celeb photo collection up against Trump’s anytime. Also Joe’s direct-quoteable meetings, even with a child.
We need a blue wave of justice to really drain the swamp in DC, and in your State House. We can win this together.
Blue Wave Biden

This stream worked flawlessly
when ustvgo, MSNBC,
and Youtube crashed.

All 4 Days of the 2020 DNC video

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