Trump Costumes and Accessories for Halloween

Dress as the man who scared the whole nation for Halloween

These Halloween costumes show how you feel about Donald Trump’s Presidency.
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If you want to go full out with a mask or just sport that notorious comb over with a wig, then look here.

Donald Trump Costuming & Accouterments for Family Gatherings, Rallies, Costume Contests, YouTube Skits or Halloween Parties

For Donny Doll Hands costume

 Trump’s Hilarious Tiny Doll Hands

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Resist impeach Donald Trump Halloween
Trump Head Mask


political parody trump administration
Trump Mask w/ Hair



funny Donald Trump big wig for costume
Trump Big Wig

Trump Wig Edible Cotton Candy


Life-Size Cardboard Effigy

Fun Accessories

How many whistle blowers can you find?
Give them one of these.

Customize your look with these extra touches



Trump Scary Voodoo Doll

Talking Trump Quotes Button


defend democracy fro Republicans and Trump Russia with LED lights
Hat With LED Lights

anti-Trump resistance Haloween political sature
Sequin Flag Hat
Flag theme Halloween Costume
Flag Aviator Sunglasses


red state red neck trump costume accessories
Redneck Trump

Git ‘er Done in a Denim Vest

Costumes for the Ladies to Resist Trump

Better Lady Liberty Costume

Rosie the Riveter Costume


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