Sexy Liz Cheney Costume

There’s A New Top Sexy Liberal Costume For Halloween 2022

There’s A New Top Sexy Liberal Costume For Halloween 2022

While Christo-Republicans make new anti-choice laws, Roe Rage has women clutching their Handmaiden’s Tale cowls at costume parties. There is a new top sexy liberal ladies’ Halloween 2022 costume…


Sexy liberal Halloween costumes can be a great way to filter out creeps you probably don’t want to be talking to. It’s a tried and true method practiced for centuries. Find he one who gets it and get them.

So what’s the top costume idea for women? Well, for this Halloween 2022, and I suspect 2026…

it’s Liz Cheney!!

Liz Cheney the top topical costume idea Halloween 2022-4

Elizabeth Cheney Halloween 2022 Costume

This sexy costume works for regular sized women, You don’t need to look like a model, But if so, make this Ivanka Trump mask.

Liz Cheney has a fresh plain-faced, country girl vibe to her. She dresses conservatively for business in a pants-suit, usually blue, but grey works too. She stands up to bullshit and won’t take no guff. She’s all reconciled and accepting of her sister’s gay family. That level of change tempts the man who wants to be a part in a woman’s heroic endeavor. Or who hopes to tame the maverick.

What Do I Need ?

To make your own Liz Cheney you will need the hair, outfit, glasses and toy whistle.

Liz Cheney Wig

How to wear your hair like Liz Cheney

Being gorgeous from top to bottom starts with a silver foxy, age-defying, hair dye job.

Or you can get a wig, but it may not be able to copy her style. This one seems manageable enough to try.
The whipped back on  the left plus the near eye covering of the left bangs is important to the effectiveness of this Halloween costume. It’s worth it to have it done professionally by a hair stylist. You might want to keep this look for a while if it works for you.

Get your hair done to look like Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney Outfit

How to dress like Liz Cheney

Halloween 2022 Top Prize Winning Costume

The canned heat look, basically.
Use a conservative pant, not skirt business suit. Fluffy fabric is better to accentuate her soft charm. Blue is worn most often. A matching color no-collar shirt under jacket. Maybe Liz will turn blue in the 2022-4 blue wave?
or try this grey suit.

Use little eye makeup and flesh lipstick.


Sexy Blue Glasses

Which glasses does Liz Cheney wear

Her blue frame glasses match her blue outfits, and her icy blue eyes. I like to think it suits the blue vs red changes in her world view. Anything’s possible on Halloween!


The top political topical Halloween costume for women who resist Trumpism.




Sexy Whistle-Blower

She blew the whistle

Now see if she can find any new whistle-blowers and signify with an inside joke. These are whistles that have small LED’s that light up when you blow.

Liz Cheney is the most  beautiful, desirable woman of the year because of what she is doing. She is standing up to Trump and Trumpism in her role as Vice Chairman of the January 6th Committee hearings.



voter empowerment needs to end the fikibuster


Defend the Mail- IN Vote

Vote with your money

More About This Halloween Costume

Get the feel for it

Here’s some tips for really rocking the Sexy Liz Cheney Costume

She hits me like political viagra that lasted over 4 hours, and I’m not calling my doctor!

Liz Cheney is single. So it is not adulterous to lust after her.

Liz can do all the hair flip and peek-a-boo bangs moves.

She also bites he bottom lip in a sexy way.


When she sucks her lower lip in

Where to go to get help for a Trumpster in your life