Chicken wire fence for trump White Coop

What I Experienced During The Day Of The Walking Derps:


What I experienced during

The Day Of The Walking Derps:

The Trumpsters went on a rampage and humiliated our country before the world.
My very first impression was the storming was an inside job. All about the Trumpsters. The Trigger event was called the Save America March. Democrats had to lead a Save Democracy March downstairs with the will of the people in wooden strong-boxes.

Yeah, there weren’t just Trumpsters outside

The exterior video showed not all there were Trumpsters who marched from the rally or joined on the way to Our House. Lots of bystanders who weren’t there to join in the rioting, destruction, and looting and trophy taking.
My experience teaches me that any march in DC tends to attract a crowd. There is a regular daily traffic of tourists, workers, foreign nationals, and a very eclectic local activism community.

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Malcolm Nance Book Plot to Destroy Democracy
This guy told us so


The Mayor called for an advance activist stand-down and the locals seem to have agreed with the request.
crowd calls for impeachment of donald trump They weren’t taking the bait at the risk of having the counter-protest hijacked. Plus to allow law enforcement to do their job without distraction. There were only activists of the nihilist anarchists of the right who still showed up.
Right wing media down time convo indicated coordination between elements inside and outside the siege.

The Last Straw

I finally turned it off when the right-wing internet media, and then FauxNews, declared Antifi broke into the doorways so the Trumpsters could storm through. As if. The myriad media brag storm catches them in their lie. All I saw outside of Trump thugs was one suburban white kid anarchist on a balcony rail egging on with a cheap bullhorn. It looked like textbook Mau street tactics to me. They aren’t going to get away with covering their story with “Antifa.” Not with all the recorded proof. Everybody who participated has been ID’d already by their spending experiences and facial recognition technology that can read you even with a mask on. The path to healing our nation runs through accountability. Busting all these idiot’s insurrectionists is where this path begins.
Like the last time this happened, it was a projection of power against us by a foreign enemy. Then it was England, who also aided the South in the Civil War. This time it’s Putin and Russia.
The 3 Plots of Trump-Putin

Safely In His VIP Tent

Where was that Bitch in Chief who declared he’d march with them
and be a big shot standing up to Congress?? Never existed.
The left are to be commended for showing America what DC demonstrations look like that are devoid of the progressive influence. I recognized two faces familiar to me from marches, I do LOVE to march in Washington DC. One was an undercover fed and the other was just hanging out with media.
How dare Trump presume to wipe away the most paper-trail-documented election victory in US history. FUCK TRUMP.
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Trump and the Trumpsters For PRISON 2021

And Fuck Trumpsters duped into thinking they have issues to protest about gun grabbing, bathrooms and masks. Get out of the way of people who actually have a reason to be protesting in Washington, DC!

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Let’s Come Together Against Trumpsters and Their Bully Mentality

Join the anti-Trump resistance movement. Help make your opinion about Trump known. This is best chance to defeat Trump, and the Trumpsters. The Republican cover up conspiracy can be exposed now. Stay tuned for impeachment process update posts. We must use the Mueller investigation results, release the whole Mueller Report. We need to impeach Donald Trump, resist Trump and republicans. Support MoveOn, support Turnout Project.
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