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Jill Wine Banks -It Was Less Delayed During Nixon

Jill Wine Banks Says Justice Was Less Delayed During Nixon

I hope this interview from MSNBC of Jill Wine Banks with Zerlina will give you hope. They have not dropped the Trump treason investigations. The Mueller Report did not lead to indictments precisely due to a run-out-the-clock defense. Jill says It was less delayed during investigation into Richard Nixon than now with Donald Trump.

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Jill Wine-Banks Says

Apr 8.2022

We need to know what the President knew and when he knew it, and the investigation has to go full steam ahead. It has to happen quickly. Because time is not a friend of an investigation.

Because the American people want to know and they’re frustrated with justice being delayed. The Attorney General will be in office for two years after the Congressional Elections. So that’s not going to have the same impact that it might have on the January 6 committee, but it still can’t be allowed to fester. Enough evidence has been made public that many people have already been able to draw a conclusion about criminality. Given that I think the Department of Justice has to act.


So listen, I’m a fan of the idea that the integrity of an investigation remains sacrosanct and intact, right. I’m also a fan of the idea of allowing an investigation to run its course and to give a prosecutor as much leeway as he or she may need to be able to achieve the ultimate goal which you and I both know is justice, right?

Justice can be defined in different ways. But the problem I have is what you just noted, which I think people need to understand. There is so much evidence that is in the public. Now. There’s that stuff that’s going on behind closed doors to which we’re not privy. So what can possibly be done to be able to hasten some type of conclusion to the investigation that’s being done by Merrick Garland and the DOJ right now?

Jill Wine-Banks

Well, it’s hard to understand fully based on my experience in Watergate. How long it takes to put a case together, but it’s not as long as what is now going on. I also known as a prosecutor for even years before Watergate, that you could investigate for ever on any particular case. But sometimes, you know, you get one case fully developed or one element one crime and you may have two or three others that are even better. But if you need to stop criminality, then you have to act on the first one that you have.

You can keep working on it. The smoking gun tape, which has become famous. We got in just the month before trial. It was a trial subpoena. It wasn’t before the indictment. We kept building the case after we indict it and we got better evidence. But we had enough evidence to go ahead with indictment and to go to trial. We didn’t need the extra! It helped. It was really good. But at some point you just have to say, enough is sufficient. And I’m going to do it.


You were an assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor. When you learned about the missing seven hours and 37 minutes in Donald Trump’s call logs you got flashbacks, right?

Jill Wine-Banks

I definitely had flashbacks. My phone also started ringing like crazy. Because everybody else was having them. I will say first, that seven hours and 37 minutes is a lot longer than an 18 and a half minute edit. What’s even more suspicious. Because I know from my experience in subpoenaing and getting Whitehouse call logs and daily diaries that it is a routine function to keep them. There is no way that there is a seven hour gap with no calls into the presidential office. Even if President Trump refused to answer any calls. The call would be logged as having been received by the White House.

He may have chosen not to make outgoing calls from his White House office. He may have used a burner phone. Although Donald Trump says he doesn’t even know what one is. We know from other testimony that he does. He may have just used an aide’s phone, which we know he routinely did. Also he may have used a personal cell phone. Despite his having made a big deal about Hillary’s emails.

We know that he does that often. And he may have done it deliberately to evade it being on the call logs, which are official presidential records that have to go to National Archives. But I am sure that any even a cursory examination of the facts will lead to a lot of evidence about how that seven hour gap was created, whether it was deliberate by evading it using other phones, or whether someone actually deleted the White House Records, both of which are bad, and both of which violate the Presidential Records Act.


Merrick Garland was asked today at a press conference if the Department of Justice would move forward with the Mark Meadows charging recommendation.
Is it surprising to you, Jill, that the DOJ is still sitting on the Mark Meadows referral?

Jill Wine-Banks

It is. Because it seems to be an open and shut case of contempt. He stopped cooperating. He completely ignored the requirement to show up and testify. You can show up and you can claim the Fifth Amendment. You can claim some other privilege, executive privilege, although I think that there is no basis for either of those in this particular set of circumstances.

You cannot fail to show up or there can be no congressional oversight. If people are allowed not to show up and congressional oversight is extremely important to our system of checks and balances. Our whole foundation of government and democracy is based on that. So I think it’s really important. The only thing that you could think of is that possibly they’re seeing him as a substantive defendant. And so that’s why they’re not pursuing him as a contempt defendant rather than doing the contempt or waiting to indict him for something substantive.

Trump uses more delay tactics than Richard Nixon

Jay Says:
So I think what the Democrats has done again, is make the perfect that the adversary of the good like Jill Wine-Banks said. If you got enough data to bust somebody on one charge, you don’t wait till you’ve got all the facts to bust them on every possible crime that we all know they’re committing. Just grab him once. Then simply add the other cases when he’s sitting in jail. That’s how it works in the street. When they bust somebody for weed. Why can’t it work that way for Donald Trump? When he gets busted for trying to overthrow the government.

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