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  • Blue Wave Biden

    Biden VP Choice Needs Your Input In Close Contest

    Time is running out and several great women are in a close competition for the VP choice. Who's the best at policy, campaigning, readiness to be President, or appeal. Did you hear? MoveOn.org just endorsed Joe Biden for the Democratic Presidential Candidate! Sign up and get a Biden Blue Wave Sticker

  • Trump to privatize mail delivery

    Save the Postal Service From Trump

    We now need to save the United States Postal Service from elimination by Trump and the Republican't Party. It is a globalist plan to destroy the last Constitutional Office still existing, destroy the last large union of government workers and even repress the mail in vote!

  • After acquittal Move On has a plan

    Resistance News From MoveOn After the Acquittal

    After the Acquittal by the Republican Senate, the hope of the Right Wing is that we lovers of democracy and credible representation will just give up in frustration. They couldn't be more wrong! Now the whole Republican Party has signed off on Trump's treason to let him escape justice on a technicality. Next step, mobilize to vote the bums out!

  • Moving the goal post on Senate rules for trial to benefit Trump

    Mitch McConnell Update On Senate Trial Of Trump

    How did the impeachment fight get diverted into a struggle over the rules for a Senate trial? The pressure is on Moscow Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who are up for re-election. Either use the same rules they used for Bill Clinton's impeachment or get caught colluding with Trump in defending foreign election interference.

  • Small Donors are important to counter the wealthy donors

    Bernie Sanders Proving Small Donors Count

    Bernie Sanders is still proving that small donors count for a lot. They have kept Bernie on par with the other candidates now for a second Presidential campaign in a row. Our small, sustainable, repeatable, donations are the first result of people power trumping money power. The ultimate victory of people power is on voting day, but first we need to continue to fund the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Small donors don't just count for funding, they make Bernie credible to the media and the Democratic Party.