How did NBC do?

The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 How Did NBC Do

The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 – How Did NBC Do?

This is my analysis of the NBC Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020. How will the mainstream network handle this event? The broadcast media is lazy and sensationalist. It bends toward drama, not liberal bias. Unless you think its conspiracy that facts seem to have an anti-Republican bias.

Vegas Democratic Debate 2020

Cut To The Score
# of attacks

Bernie Sanders 7
plus 2 attack questions
Elizabeth Warren 4
Donald Trump 1
Mike Bloomberg 9
plus 3 attack questions


Setting The Stage For The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020

The Ad Content: Movies, HomeAdvisor, Viking Cruises, travel, Apple, Warby Parker, Credit Sesame, housewares and quick payday loans. Pretty innocuous sponsors. No major special interests represented.

NBC gave the usual dumb lead up discussions. They did manage to cover some of the easier factoids. Like Bloomberg flip flopping between parties as candidates. He will not lead the Republicans to compromise with the Democrats, he will make the Dems do all the compromising.
Bernie rolls into this debate with a double-digit lead, eclipsing coverage for a bit. While Bloomberg dominates the TV ad slots. Trump campaigned at a counter-programming rally.

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Joe looks old on NBC Las vegas debate

Harry Ried showed up offering his endorsement to the winner. To me he was a relic of the great men he used to be. It demonstrated that the old line Democrats really have aged and dissipated down to just Joe Biden. I had wondered where the many great names of Democratic Party contenders. Well, they were lost to age.

Registering young students and getting some home to vote is key to democratic victoriesDept. Of Youth

This is a generational change for the Party in this election cycle. The old dogs bark loudest but are few compared to the multitude of pups. This election is all about the youth vote. Young people recognize the need for revolution. Registering young students and getting some home to vote is key to democratic victories!

Last word of pre debate is the expectation of more infighting than Trump fighting.
Bernie’s continued lead has picked up a new wing as the latin community has apparently just discovered him.

Lester Holt hosted and led the team of inquisitors

First question prompted Bernie and Michael to duel. Bernie had the plan and Michael had a Republican insurance salesman talking point. Elizabeth piled on and got a good line delivered. At least Bernie got to test out being called a communist in front of a friendly audience. Warren got to say what every Dem was thinking about Michael. No on trading one rich old jerk for another. Revolution.

When the Democratic Party Debates They Should Showcase Our Principles.6 Candidates Funded enough to Get into The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 - How Did NBC Do?

They touched upon important realities. The turnout is key, women won’t step aside, Michael doesn’t have the history or the talent to win this campaign if you know the man behind the ads, Bernie’s online uber-fans and his Communications Director need to chill the hell out and run a positive campaign as Democrats, This isn’t some third party insurgency, keep in mind the real enemy is the sponsorship of the Republicans, and Trump is their prophet!


Bernie had to school Pete on the GOP-Putin attack on Democracy. They all should consult the books of Malcolm Nance then they would know what made the internet such a toxic environment. Police misconduct has stained 4 of our candidates. It’s ubiquitous as a bipartisan social problem. Climate change correction could be a huge industry.


Who put the warrior in Warren?Warrior at The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 - She Won the Debate

NBC got Elizabeth on the warpath and she sounded good. Instead of playing gotcha’ she touted her planning against Pete and Amy in a clever an civil way. There are 2 things top candidates should do in these Presidential debates. Show you can explain your plan simply. Show how well you can attack Trumpism. If they had instant runoff VP selection from the delegate count at the DNC, the 2nd place candidate would become the VP candidate. That would change the entire tone of our primaries. We wouldn’t split the party every 4 years. Or get stuck with a lame running mate choice. If this was applied to the last DNC we would have had the Clinton-Sanders ticket. Imagine the difference!

Hey JoeWhen Biden Speaks at The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 - Didn't NBC Do Him?

Biden was resting on his and Obama’s laurels. Came out of the debate unscathed. Thanks Obama, and for this decent economy. Joe Biden is cozy with the TV networks.
The unions are afraid of not being compensated if the payment of health insurance becomes a moot point. All union contracts would have to be adjusted upward anyway when the minimum wage jumps up, so the union insurance issue will be easily solved in the transition.

NBC raises questions that seem critical of Trump, but then they twist into a Dems do it too type of spin or to turn it into a infighting question. Pete got a jab into Trump but was too much a team player with the media and not so much the party. He should flip that back.Mayor Pete not so good at infighting in democratic debates

Michael got hit with some unfavorable questions. This is a bad night for him. If mayor Pete thinks the nation’s not ready for a revolution, then he needs to be aware that we are already deep into a Republican war on the voter. They revile the will of the people because it often touches their money supply. They have been conducting mental, cyber and legislative civil war ever since Obama was elected. We are in their revolution so we had better wise up so we can win it.
Pete is more convincing when he attacks Trump than his opponents.polarizing is not the right word for re-enfranchisement, He’s still the poorest candidate still going, using mainstream funding.

Whaddaya Know Amy?Amy was savy and sassy at The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 - How Did NBC Do Her?

Amy got a pop quiz question on the new President of Mexico dislodged her bang. Then Pete piled on, when he could have hit Trump instead of that cringe-worthy exchange between them. That was Pete’s fail that crashed the debate then.

Me Too

Michael Bloomberg lost The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 - How Did NBC Do?

The me too movement landed on Michael as Elizabeth and even Biden took NBC’s cue. They wanted to drag him into court on TV for a rescission hearing. It got a little over the top, but nobody cared because he’s not going to be the candidate anyway.

We have come so far and are so close to getting this done. Let’s finish what we started.

Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know“The Plot to Destroy Democracy”
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The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 2020 – How Did NBC Do?

Not as bad as CNN but Trump was shielded by some invisible barrier to any mention or contrast. Michel sat in to be the lightning rod, I guess. Tom Steyer would have been more deserving of Michael’s seat. Tom’s done a huge amount of investment in progressive causes than write an annual check to the Sierra Club. Plus, Tom does the Stephanie Miller Show!

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