Elizabeth Warren has suspended her election campaign. Vows to continue fight against Trump.

Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Is Suspended

Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Is Suspended

The Elizabeth Warren Presidential election campaign is over. Elizabeth announced to her supporters that her bid for election is now suspended. This site came to follow her after the fourth democratic candidates debate. While we started as a Bernie blog, we morphed into covering all the progressive contenders. She would have been as good for the progress of our nation as Bernie. She had a slight advantage of less prepared opposition research, but also had the name recognition and media blackouts that plagued Bernie’s 2016 run.

Let’s start with how we found out. Her Mar 5, 2020, 12:44 PM email.

Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign Is Suspended

Thank You

Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign Is Suspended
I’m going to start with the news. I wanted you to hear it straight from me: today, I’m suspending our campaign for president.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have poured into this campaign.

I know that when we set out, this was not the news you ever wanted to hear. It is not the news I ever wanted to share. But I refuse to let disappointment blind me — or you — to what we’ve accomplished. We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together — what you have done — has made a lasting difference. It’s not the scale of the difference we wanted to make, but it matters — and the changes will have ripples for years to come.

What we have done, and the ideas we have launched into the world, the way we have fought this fight, the relationships we have built, will carry through for the rest of this election, and the one after that, and the one after that.

So think about it:

Warren Campaign Is Suspended
We have shown that it is possible to build a grassroots movement that is accountable to supporters and activists and not to wealthy donors, and to do it fast enough for a first-time candidate to build a viable campaign. Never again can anyone say that the only way that a newcomer can get a chance to be a plausible candidate is to take money from corporate executives and billionaires. That’s done.

We have shown that it is possible to inspire people with big ideas, possible to call out what’s wrong and to lay out a path to make this country live up to its promise.

We have shown that race and justice, economic justice, social justice, environmental justice, criminal justice. They are not an afterthought, but are at the heart of everything that we do. 
We have shown that a woman can stand up, hold her ground, and stay true to herself no matter what.
We have shown that we can build plans in collaboration with the people who are most affected.

This campaign became something special, and it wasn’t because of me. It was because of you. I am so proud of how you fought this fight alongside me: you fought it with empathy and kindness and generosity, and of course, with enormous passion and grit.

Some of you may remember that long before I got into electoral politics, I was asked if I would accept a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was weak and toothless. And I replied that my first choice was a consumer agency that could get real stuff done, and my second choice was no agency and lots of blood and teeth left on the floor. In this campaign, we have been willing to fight, and, when necessary, we left plenty of blood and teeth on the floor. I can think of one billionaire who has been denied the chance to buy this election.
Warren campaign suspended

And we did all of this without selling access for money. Together, 1,250,000 people gave more than $112 million dollars to support this campaign. And we did it without selling one minute of my time to the highest bidder. People said that would be impossible. But you did that.

Together, we built a grassroots campaign that had some of the most ambitious organizing targets ever, and then we turned around and surpassed them.

Our staff and volunteers on the ground knocked on over 22 million doors across the country. We made 20 million phone calls and sent more than 42 million texts to voters. That’s truly astonishing. It is.

We also advocated for fixing our rigged system in a way that will make it work better for everyone.

A year ago, people weren’t talking about a two-cent wealth tax, Universal Child Care, cancelling student loan debt for 43 million Americans while reducing the racial wealth gap, breaking up big tech, or expanding Social Security. And now they are. And because we did the work of building broad support for all of those ideas across this country, these changes could actually be implemented by the next president.

A year ago, people weren’t talking about corruption, and they still aren’t talking about it enough. We’ve moved the needle, and a hunk of our anti-corruption plan is already embedded in a House bill that is ready to go when we get a Democratic Senate.

And we also did it by having fun and by staying true to ourselves. We ran from the heart. We ran on our values. We ran on treating everyone with respect and dignity. But it was so much more. Four-hour selfie lines and pinky promises with little girls. A wedding at one of our town halls. And we were joyful and positive through all of it. We ran a campaign not to put people down, but to lift them up — and I loved pretty much every minute of it.

I may not be in the race for president in 2020, but this fight, our fight, is not over. And our place in this fight has not ended.

Because for every young person who is drowning in student debt, for every family struggling to pay the bills on two incomes, for every mom worried about paying for prescriptions or putting food on the table, this fight goes on.

For every immigrant, and African American and, Muslim and, Jewish person, and Latino, and trans woman who sees the rise in attacks on people who look or sound or worship like them. This fight goes on.

For every person alarmed by the speed with which climate change is bearing down upon us, this fight goes on. And for every American who desperately wants to see our nation healed and some decency and honor restored to our government, this fight goes on.
Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally Dec 2019

When I voted on Tuesday at the elementary school down the street, a mom came up to me. She said she has two small children, and they have a nightly ritual. After the kids have brushed teeth and read books and gotten that last sip of water and done all the other bedtime routines, they do one last thing before the two little ones go to sleep: Mama leans over them and whispers, “Dream big.” And the children together reply, “Fight hard.”

So if you leave with only one thing, it must be this: Choose to fight only righteous fights, because then when things get tough, and they will, you will know that there is only option ahead of you: nevertheless, you must persist.

You should be so proud of what we’ve done together, what you have done over this past year. 
Our work continues, the fight goes on, and big dreams never die.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign Is Suspended
The Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign Is Suspended
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Although the Warren Campaign Is Suspended -We Will Persist

Indivisibles –

Ezra and Leah here. Senator Warren announced she’s dropping out of the presidential race. This is a gut punch to us personally, and we wanted to write a quick note because we know how much her campaign has meant to so many of the leaders in the Indivisible movement. 

Warren is a true, visionary leader on the issues Indivisibles care most about. The foundational idea of her campaign was that if we reform our democracy with big, structural change, we’ll be able to tackle all the challenges we face with a representative government that actually responds to the people. Warren wasn’t just campaigning to defeat Trump. She was campaigning to build a functioning democracy in this country. As a result of her intellect, political talent, and visionary platform, Warren was consistently the top choice of Indivisible leaders in our movement — and unsurprisingly, she was the top-ranking candidate on our presidential candidate scorecard. 

We believe Warren would have defeated Trump, and we know she would have been an incredible, era-defining president. We mourn the loss of that potential political future that seemed within our grasp just a short time ago. But we don’t mourn Warren’s campaign. We are thankful for it. We are thankful for the brilliant ideas she brought to the forefront of the national debate; her insistence on policy solutions rooted in an understanding of structural racism and ingrained societal misogyny; her consistent hopeful vision for the future that she described with such moral clarity; and how much she inspired us over the course of her run. We are thankful for all that, and because we know she will persist.

None of this dampens our resolve to defeat Trump, retake the Senate, and pass historic reforms to our democracy in 2021. Yes, we have a responsibility to learn every time we fall, and there will be time for debriefs, analyses, and strategic planning soon. For right now we are simply sitting with our appreciation for a brilliant, historic leader who continues to inspire a movement that will persist along with her.

In solidarity,
Ezra & Leah

Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors, Indivisible

PS: We welcome any replies to this email with how you’re taking in this news. We can’t promise responses, but we can promise we will read through all of the replies! If you want more of our thoughts, see this thread from the Indivisible team. And I’d encourage you to share this moment with others in your Indivisible group and community. We persist better together.

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