Deep in her memory hole

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is In Court To Disqualify Her For Reelection

Qanon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is In Court To Disqualify Her For Reelection In Georgia

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (q GA) is seen in court where she fights Georgia court action that could disqualify her for reelection. Georgia is one of many states that has relevant anti-sedition laws. They were enacted after the Civil War. Mostly about re-naturalization to US citizenship, but also to disqualify seditious politicians. You can’t let a domestic enemy operate in public offices. They will seek to undermine, embezzle, obstruct, sabotage and otherwise bring the functions of government to a halt.

Sound like what we have with the Republicans?

The Party of Obstruction must be humiliated and driven from the political system forever.

She explains herself as advocating the day being peaceful, but look like you could do something on Jan 6, but this Qanon gun nut plotted a violent insurrection.

What is happening in Georgia about it

What happened in Georgia is a complaint was brought to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the Congressional election ballot. This is a State-level  action as proscribed under Geogia Constitution. We must seek to thwart the reelections of any more Republicans who sought to overthrow the Joe Biden victory. Expel the Sedition Caucus either in Congressional act or State expulsion from the ballot.

Here is Marjorie Taylor Greene trying hard to believe she doesn’t remember doing or saying anything in the lead up to the January 6 insurrection.

So let’s get deep inside her memory hole. The biggest day of her life after her election and it didn’t impress her enough to remember the things she was saying and doing? Not buying it. It looks like the Judge isn’t fooled either.

Greene’s defense summary caused resting not-buying-it face on Administrative Law Judge Charles Beaudrot
consciousness of guilt




Image source PBS News Hour 4/22/2022 –WATCH LIVE: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fights court challenge to her reelection – YouTube

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A Republican’t Judge Failed To Enforce The Law!
This State-Level Attempt To Block Her Ballot Access Was Denied


Petition to stop Trump and republicansAct now to expel the Sedition Caucus from Congress

You know it can be done but the mid-term, or the Congressional election, may not flip enough seats to give the Democratic Party the majority required to just start booting out all the Trumpsters. So support sanity. Help expel them either nationally or by State Constitution.

voter empowerment needs to end the fikibuster

Check out this CNN Piece How to expel someone from Congress