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How To Make Trump Gang Face Masks.

Simple How To Instructions For Making
Trump’s Gang Halloween Face Masks

How to make a face mask quickly and easily for Trump Halloween theme. Good for any time you want to mock or protest one of Trump’s sinister criminal buddies. Keep coming back as there will be more Trumpsters convicted.
Trump's Felon Flock

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All You Need to do it yourself

  1. Legal size paper
  2. Scissors with fine point
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Pen or pencil
  5. A sheet to cover spray work area
  6. Cardboard pieces, 11″ x 17″ max
  7. Elastic or rubber band long enough to fit around most of your head
  8. The face images I’ve included for you here
  9. Office Stapler of good quality


Print the selected face. (see tip below) I suggest printing on Legal Size paper (8.5 x 14 inch) as most heads will not cover with 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Cut out the eye holes and mouth. If you use an open mouth face and cut out the mouth including the lips, you can get a “Clutch Cargo” mixed animation effect.

Line up print to cardboard. Draw a line around the outside perimeter of the mask. Then mark the eye and mouth holes. Cut off the excess cardboard cutting within the perimeter line slightly (1/8″) Cut out the eyes and mouth about an inch more than the area you marked off. Lay down an expendable sheet where you will be spraying and apply a liberal amount to the cardboard.

Donald Trump Toupee Comb Over for your pet or baby Trump outfit

Give it a few minutes to become tacky and carefully (you get one shot at the alignment) attach the print to the cardboard. You do this by holding it at the top and bottom center. Allow the paper edges of either side to bend away from the cardboard so the center line touches it first. Check the alignment and press on from the middle to the sides to set the print. Avoid wrinkles, unless you like that sort of thing. Let dry 8 hours before the next step.

Cut the rubber band to open it and use it, or use a band of elastic. measure out enough to go around the back of your head and go 2-3 inches past both mask sides so you have plenty to staple to. Staple the elastic band to the inside (wearer’s side) of the mask. Connect them to the sides of the mask at just above the ear. Secure with at least 2 staples going vertical and piercing the elastic band, plus one horizontal staple. Then check for a tight fit so it won’t fall or blow off. re-staple for tightness if needed. Any copy store could do the staples for you if you don’t have a stapler.

A Word About Printing A Face Mask

Most Americans have a color ink jet printer that will be able to print the 300 dpi or better resolution required for a good flat face mask. The only problem is ink jet prints are very fragile, especially if they get wet.
So, it would be better to print with color laser, but that may send you with a thumb drive to the local Kinko’s. If so then you can take it to the next level and get them to give you a dye sublimation or other method of printing that you will recognize from the smooth, shiny surface. That kind of print will not smear in rain.

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The Faces Of The Donald Trump Criminal Capers Crew

Make a face mask of any Trump traitor with our printable
Trump Halloween: Faces Of Deceit
collection you can print and use at your party.

Paul Manafort
Trump campaign chairman
Click for printable image
Trumpster face mask image Mark Meadows
Trump Coup Plotter
Click for printable image
The keystone Jan 6 plotter
Rick Gates
Trump campaign chairman, deputy to Manafort
Click for printable image
Mich McConnell
Senate Majority Leader
Click for printable image
Michael Flynn
Trump campaign adviser, national security adviser
Click for printable image
Robert Barr
Trump’s Atty General
Click for printable image
AG Bob Barr face mask
Ruddy Giuliani
Click for printable image
Rudolph Giuliani Mark Milley
Click for printable image
General Mark Milley, core coup plotter
George Papadopoulos
Trump Campaign foreign policy adviser
Click for printable image
Ivanka Trump

Click for printable image

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Themed Halloween
Costume Ideas

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Michael Cohen
Trump lawyer and adviser
Click for printable image
Donald Jr.

Click for printable image

Roger Stone
Ne’er do well
Click for printable image
Jared Kushner

Click for printable image

Jared Kushner-Trump
Jeff Sessions
Trump Atty General
Click for printable image
 Trumpster face mask image Eric Trump

Click for printable image

Russian or related individuals and entities not listed here
First, on February 2018, 13 Russians and three Russian entities charged with conspiring to defraud the United States and interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Mueller targeted the Internet Research Agency, a Kremlin-linked company
Second, on July 2018, additional 12 Russian intelligence officers charged for their role in hacking servers belonging to the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Clinton campaign. Sorry, I don’t have a face mask for them. If you want one, make a special request on the contact us page.

Sources: Mueller Investigation Criminals

Info is as of Dec 2019

Show Me Other Impeachment Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

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