resist trump with a Halloween costume

Resist Donald Trump Halloween Costumes

Here Are Resist Donald Trump Themed Costumes and Accessories

Selected Trump resistance mocker-wear for your scariest Halloween in our nation’s history. Put away the Steven King novels. We are living in this one! Let’s fight dumb scary with scary smart this year.
We found the best deals for woke Americans in the Trump Resistance Movement on costumes in time for Halloween trick or troll party fun -for voting-age adults only.

Costume Ideas For Couples

Now here are some good custom costume ideas for couples who oppose and resist Trump and the Republican’ts. WIN that Halloween costume contest, big-ly! So much winning…
How about Melania and her divorce lawyer, anything Trump behind bars, Trumpster and jail guard, Trump and dictator, Putin with Trump on puppet strings, Trumpster testifying at mic with your favorite person in Congress. Trump and a CNN or MSNBC reporter. Stephanie Miller and Malcolm Nance.

Complete Costumes

Pick one of these costumes and modify it with accessories, markings and other things to make it yours and yours alone.
These patriotic themes will make your Halloween party or event a protest against the treason syndicate of Donald J. Trump and the Republicans.

Mockery Is The Sincerest Form Of Protest

Resist Donald Trump Themed Costumes

Most Popular Costume

Anti-Donald Trump Halloween Costume
handmaiden's tale political costume
The Handmaiden’s Tale

The inspiring story of resistance to a theocratic state gone mad.

Revive the warning of this story for Halloween and be outspoken without having to say a word, if you like.

More Donald Trump Halloween Impeachment Season Ideas…

Baby trump costume -someone call the Waaah -bulance
Baby Trump Outfit and Mask


Full Body Flag
Uncle Sam Resistance rally costume
 Uncle Sam

Best Trump Mask for 2019 anti-trump resistance alliance

Click Here

For Donald Trump

Masks & Wigs



More Impeach Trump Halloween Costumes For the Women

Lady Liberty anti-trump rally Costume     Lady Liberty
Better Lady Liberty Costume reproductive rights
Better Lady Liberty


Rosie the Riveter union protest costume

  Rosie the Riveter

How many Trump whistle blowers can you find?
Give each of them one of these.

Blue & Pink for DemocratsTrump Halloween Party radical liberal gear to wear
Red & Yellow for Republicans

Green for Greens
Purple for Independents

I'm actually a chew toy
Also a chew toy

Scary Trump Voodoo Doll

Here Are Jail or Prison Costumes for Your Favorite Trump Team Felons.
First wear at the Halloween Party. Then you can recycle them for each verdict to come!

Better prison costume  Warm for cold weather

Trump prison jail guard
You must be accompanied at all times. 
Leg Irons or Handcuffs for Trump ally felony convictions
Leg Irons or Handcuffs

The Emperor has No Balls.

So give him these.

Trumpster criminal ball & chain
Ball & Chain
Halloween political satire anti-Trump costume ideas
Prison Cap

Combine these prisoner costumes with a Trumpster felon mask face.
Yes, These cardboard backed Halloween masks are easy to make.

Click This To Pick A Free Face Mask Picture and DIY instructions
Trump's Felon Flock

Trump Conspirator Masks and Wigs


The rest of the cast of traitorous Trumpsters
didn’t rise to the level of commercial worthiness.

Eric Trump Halloween Party mask So here’s how to make your own face mask for them.

Then wear one or change them out all evening.

Resist Donald Trump Themed 

Resist Trump Masks

Best Trump Mask for 2019 anti-trump resistance alliance
Best Trump Mask 2021 -With Combover Hair


Trump's Hilarious Tiny Doll Hands

Trump’s Hilarious Tiny Doll Hands

Donald Trump Costuming 

Humor is the best form of Resistance


Shouting Trump Halloween Mask
   Donald Trump Yelling Mask
Trump anus lips Mask
      Trump Wig-Mask
Dick Head of State
See what a mask, an idea, and some Velcro tape can make?!

Trump Wigging out joke Edible Cotton Candy
Now this is perfect for Halloween. Trump Wig Edible Cotton Candy

Enter Our Resist Trump Rally Gear & Supplies Area

This is where you can find costume components and accessories to customize your political costume.

Donald Trump Wig-1
Donald Trump Wig

See Who Is Knocking

No more waiting in the foyer, or being stuck watching the door for trick or treaters. Have a smarter Halloween.

Get stuff that you need to show your resistance against Donald Trump this halloween
Other Topical Costumes
More Political Masks To Have A Resist Trump Halloween
Trump That Halloween: Fight scary with scary in 2019
We hope you liked these Trump impeachment costume ideas.
Share your impeach Trump Halloween costume ideas with us below.

Enter Our Resist Trump Rally Gear & Supplies Area

HERO utility beltThis is where you can find costume components and accessories to customize your political costume.


Like this rally superhero Utility Belt


Here’s a collection of gag gifts for raising consciousness and inspiring resistance to Trump and the traitorous Republicans. Click to see stuff that will accessorize your costume with props and toys. Because it always helps to add an accessory to your Halloween outfit.
Share the Revolution

Fun Resistance
So Make American Protest Fun Again

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