Use costume to protest demonstrate opposition to Trump

Resistance Rally Gear

buy Trump protester gearStuff To Wear For Resistance Demonstrations 



Going to an anti-Trump resistance rally, event or counter-protest?
Dress for the occasion with patriotic ideas from this page.
They are also great as Halloween costumes or making Trump resistance videos.

Complete Costumes

My curated Amazon affiliate linked products. Pick one of these costumes and modify it with accessories, markings and other things to make it yours and yours alone.
These patriotic themes will make your event a contrast against the treason syndicate of Donald J. Trump and the Republicans.

Most Popular Costume

Fight for your rights,

or get used to wearing THIS!

More Ideas..

Uncle Sam

US Sam
Best Uncle Sam Outfit



Rosie the Riveter

Women Labor Rights

Full Body Flag

Flag Poncho Style

Best Lady Liberty

Best Statue Of Liberty
Best Lady Liberty

Top Prize winning costumes of 2024

Ideas and Pieces

  • Handmaiden
  • Zombie Rednecks
  • Melania Trump with divorce lawyer
  • My Pillow Guy
  • Super Schiff
  • Inmate Trump Lackey with guard
  • Jan 6 Trumpster
  • Fox News Commentator with Russian Handler

These themes can be swapped out easily.

EnterHow To Make Custom Face Masks

Click Here To Learn How To Make Trumpster Face Masks


Anti-Trump Rally Costume
Components and Accessories

For the Top Trump costumes for Halloween 2024

Let Your Resistant Creativity Run Wild In The Streets

The following section is for those who want to start from scratch or add to an existing costume for a truly individual message.
You may want to mix and match these elements and accessories to make yourself anything from a patriotic superhero to a thoughtful ironic agitator.


Flag ShortsAnti-Trump Resistance fighter costume patriotic shorts

Flag Short Briefs


Hero knee length flag shorts

Flag board shorts

Women’s flag shorts

Running Shorts

US flag long pants

Flag head bandana

LED Uncle Sam Hat


Flag Boonie Hat


Get stuff that you need to show your resistance

Flag Tank Top Unisex
Flag Tank Top Unisex
Anti trump rally gear Flag Hero Vest
Flag Hero Vest

Flag Sleeveless Denim Shirt Vest Get-er done liberal red neck
Flag Sleeveless Denim Shirt Vest

USA Man -be a rally Super-Hero Utility Belt
USA Man Super Hero Utility Belt



Beat Trump Constitutional Boxing Gloves
Constitutional Boxing Gloves

US Compression Arm Sleeves for heroine costume
Flag Compression Sleeves
Resistance Wonderful Woman Flag Bracers
Wonderful Woman Flag Bracers

American Super Girls Tights US Leggings
USA Leggings


US Leggings With Bracelets for rally costume for women
US Leggings With Bracelets


Women's patriotic Flag Drawstring protester Pants
Women’s Flag Drawstring Pants

Stars and Stripes Hero Socks
Stars and Stripes Crew Socks


Rally Star Superhero Knee Highs
Superhero Knee Highs

My curated Amazon affiliate linked products.


Stop Donald Trump now
Help Each Other To Resist

Flag Shades 12-pack
Flag Shades 12-pack

Rally sun proof Flag Aviator Sunglasses
Flag Aviator Sunglasses

Fox News Censored Sunglasses
Censored Sunglasses

Eagle eye Mueller Bald Eagle Mask
Bald Eagle Mask

Costume Superhero Muscle Chest
Superhero Muscle Chest

Resist Rally Superhero Muscle Shirt
Superhero Muscle Shirt
Look Heroic in a Muscle Shirt
Heroic Muscle Shirt






Mockery Is The Sincerest Form Of Protest

Donald Trump Costuming 

Humor is the best form of Resistance


For Donny Doll Hands costume

Trump's Hilarious Tiny Doll Hands
Trump’s Hilarious Tiny Doll Hands

Mockery Is The Sincerest Form Of Protest

Donald Trump Costuming

Humor is the best form of Resistance


Donald Trump Mask-1
Donald Trump Mask-2

Trump Wigging out joke Edible Cotton Candy
Trump Wig Edible Cotton Candy

Donald Trump Wig-1
Donald Trump Wig




Dick Head of State
Trump put the DICK in dictator

Here’s an example of what you can do with just one of these items, a sewing machine, and a good idea.

Fight the power with humor with funny anti-Trump items

Stuff To Wear For Patriotic Trump Resistance Rallying  If you are going to an anti-Trump rally, protest action, media event, or counter-protest? Dress the part! See ideas on how to show truth to power. Show off your resistant attitude at Halloween parties and costume contests to get even more exposure. You see, the possibilities for shaping public opinion are endless.

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