trump will use Iran war as campaign for re-election

Say No To Trump’s War With Iran

Bernie Sanders Asks You To Help Him Prevent Trump Iran Aggression

Sign my petition: tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

Sign my petition:
Tell Congress to pass legislation
that would prohibit military action
against Iran without Congressional approval.


Here is a truth you don’t often hear in the newspapers, on television or in the halls of Congress, but it is a truth we must face, especially as the Trump administration appears to be marching us closer to armed conflict with Iran:

And that truth is that far too often American intervention and the use of American military power has produced unintended consequences which have caused incalculable harm.

Real American power is not demonstrated by our ability to blow things up, but our ability to forge international consensus around shared challenges.

A test of a great nation is not how many wars we can engage in or how many governments we can overthrow, but how we can use our strength to resolve international conflicts in a peaceful way.

And it is almost beyond impossible to imagine that after the horrors of the war in Iraq — a war that upended the regional order of the Middle East and resulted in an untold loss of life — that this administration would put us on such a dangerous path toward more war. But everyday we see a new story about how this administration is trying provoke conflict, like sending huge bombers to the region, or raising the possibility of sending more than 100,000 troops.

Apparently for some, almost two decades of constant war is not enough.

Well, unfortunately for this president and people like John Bolton who love endless wars, the constitutional authority for declaring war rests with the United States Congress — not the president –– no matter if that president is a Democrat or a Republican.

And it is long past time my colleagues in the Senate reassert that authority. That is something I tried to do with my colleagues to stop our involvement in the war in Yemen, and it is something we must do again as the president marches us toward war with Iran.

Please add your name if you agree:

Sign my petition: tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

One of the first speeches I gave in Congress was about the first war in Iraq in 1991; a war I voted against.

And what I said at the time was that our challenge at that moment was not simply to begin a war which would result in tremendous suffering and death, but that the real challenge was to address international conflict without war and bloodshed.

It seemed to me that it would be a terrible failing, and very ominous for our future, if we could not solve that problem non-violently when virtually the entire world was united against one small country. And that if we were not successful in that effort, all this world would have to look forward to in the future would be war, and more war, and more war.

There are a number of parallels to this moment in time. Today, our most important allies are committed to preventing the possibility that Iran’s undemocratic regime could ever obtain a nuclear weapon.

That is what the Iran deal was all about. And that was why it was such a reckless mistake for Trump to withdraw from the Iran deal, as even his own top security officials said at the time. Rather than remain united with those allies, Trump’s approach has actually isolated the United States from them, undermining the important consensus that the Obama administration helped forge, and raising the possibility of conflict.

And it seems to me that, once again, if we turn our backs on a non-violent solution in favor of more military conflict, that we will find ourselves in perpetual warfare. Mark my words. A war in Iran would make the Iraq war look like a walk in the park. It will be an unmitigated disaster.

So Congress must intervene and utilize its constitutional authority — before it’s too late.

And I hope you’ll make your voice heard if you agree:

Sign my petition: tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

Throughout the world today, hundreds of millions of people live in abysmal poverty while the arms merchants of the world grow increasingly rich as governments spend trillions of dollars on weapons and war.

Our job is to offer a different vision — a vision that one day human beings on this planet will live in a world where international conflicts are resolved peacefully, not by mass murder.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders




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Also Say No to Donald Trump’s Iran War With Senator Udall’s Bill


Dear MoveOn member,

The Trump administration is laying the groundwork for war with Iran. Led by Iraq-war architect John Bolton, the U.S. has sabotaged the Iran nuclear deal, imposed extreme sanctions that punish ordinary Iranians, and has now presented a plan for military action, which includes reportedly drafting plans to send over 100,000 troops to the region.1

Congress must stop Donald Trump and John Bolton from starting a war with Iran. Go on the record that Congress has not authorized and will not support a war of choice with Iran, and that the U.S. should hold up its end of the Iran Nuclear Deal by ending inhumane sanctions.

On Sunday night, Bolton threatened Iran with “unrelenting force,” bragging about an aircraft carrier and bomber task force en route to the Persian Gulf.2 Rather than pose a check on this reckless escalation, Sen. Marco Rubio decided to pile on by warning that the U.S. would hold Iran directly responsible for the actions of any Shia groups in the region.3

There are three steps Congress can take to prevent war with Iran:

  1. Clarify that Trump does not have Congressional authorization for a disastrous war of choice with Iran. As tensions rise, this becomes all the more important.
  2. Repeal the broad 2001 war authorization that Trump officials have reportedly considered using as grounds for attacking Iran.
  3. Support returning the U.S. to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal by halting punishing sanctions and preventing further nuclear escalation.

It’s time to act before it’s too late.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

—Jamal Abdi, National Iranian American Council


1. “White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War,” The New York Times, May 13, 2019

2. “It’s John Bolton’s world. Trump is just living in it,” Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2019

3. “Citing Iranian Threat, U.S. Sends Carrier Group and Bombers to Persian Gulf,” The New York Times, May 5, 2019

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ALSO Be Sure To Email and Call!

Use this email link to easily notify your representatives to sign on to Senator Udall’s Bill to ban war with Iran. A war with Iran is planned for Trump’s political manipulation of America’s next election. All recent republican presidents have used a war as a campaign ploy to get re-elected. No more!

no to war with Iran to help boost Trump re-election bid

A message from Stephen Miles and the Win Without War team

Dear MoveOn Member,

The Trump administration just took another giant step towards war with Iran by designating part of Iran’s military as a “terrorist organization.” This is the first time the U.S. has ever done something like this, and it’s a really, really bad sign.

But then things got worse. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to rule out attacking Iran under the 2001 AUMF — the authorization for the use of military force that has been used to justify endless global war around the world. [1]

And as scary as this all is, there’s also a ray of hope. Congress can make crystal clear to Trump’s war cabinet that it does not have the power to take the U.S. to war with Iran, and a bipartisan group of senators, led by Senator Tom Udall, just introduced a bill that puts a giant road block between Donald Trump and war with Iran. Right now, the bill is stalled, but if enough of us demand action, we can break the deadlock and help prevent a devastating war with Iran.

Will you ask your senators to support Senator Udall’s bill, S.1039, to prevent U.S. war with Iran?

It’s hard to believe, but it gets even worse. Sec. Pompeo also tried to (falsely) claim (again) that Iran is working with Al Qaeda — an idea so unfounded in reality that the U.S. Military Academy at West Point’s own report has a completely opposing analysis.

Trump wants war with Iran for political gainYes that’s right: Team Trump is trying to make us believe that Iran is to blame for the horrors of 9/11 — to justify war — just like Team Bush did with Iraq.

Members of Congress see the writing on the wall — Senator Rand Paul directly told Sec. Pompeo “you do not have permission for war with Iran.” But we need to build a broad coalition in Congress that is willing to go toe to toe with the war hawks to stop them. And that’s where you come in.

Will you ask your senators to support Senator Udall’s bill, S.1039, to stop the Iran war hawks?

Normally, a very senior U.S. official leaving the door open for another major war in the Middle East, using the same exact logic the George W. Bush administration used to sell the war in Iraq, would be major topic of conversation.

But in this Trump-era of scandal and personality driven politics, it’s up to us to raise the alarm and make sure everyone understands — and helps stop — this drumbeat towards war.

As villages face recovery from devastating flooding across Iran, with economic sanctions limiting relief aid — let us do everything we can to stop a war from further harming the Iranian people.

Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen and the Win Without War team

[1] Lobelog, “Team Trump’s Iran War Rationales Are Nonsense

Will you stand with MoveOn?

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Contributions to Civic Action are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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