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  • USA In The Streets

    America In The Streets

    This is going to be a large post so get a fresh beverage ready and read on. The only story of this moment is commented on by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Vote.org and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. This is what America sounds like when the voices of mature and skilled leadership speaks, These are inspiring as well as guiding light that is such an obvious opposite of Trump fleeing to his bunker tweeting bunk distractions.

  • Bernie Sanders Corona Virus Update -Plus MoveOn

    Bernie Sanders Corona Virus Update Many of us are feeling the impact on our lives from the Corona Virus, COVID-19, pandemic. And from the lack of an adequate response to it from our federal government. The crisis is exposing ineptitude, corruption, and abysmal failures in the Trump administration

  • 15% credit card rate cap

    Bernie Sanders Credit Debt Policy

    Bernie wants to end all college loan debt and pay by taxing Wall Street. Also: Credit card companies are modern-day loan sharks, charging usurious interest rates up to 30 percent. This is extortion. And Bernie has a plan to stop it.