Tag: “Moscow Mitch”

  • Moving the goal post on Senate rules for trial to benefit Trump

    Mitch McConnell Update On Senate Trial Of Trump

    How did the impeachment fight get diverted into a struggle over the rules for a Senate trial? The pressure is on Moscow Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who are up for re-election. Either use the same rules they used for Bill Clinton's impeachment or get caught colluding with Trump in defending foreign election interference.

  • Putin gets what he wants from republicans

    Trick or Treat, Let’s Blitz Moscow Mitch McConnel

    It's going to be a real treat when Mitch McConnell is exposed for all their dirty tricks to bring down democracy. Look in Mitch's graveyard of Bills passed in the House, 3 for election security, that he has committed to a shallow grave. Bring these issues back up from the dead like zombies.