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This Bill MUST Pass Before the August Senate Recess

This Bill MUST Pass Before the August Senate Recess

Time is running out to avoid opening a portal to more anti-voter laws in the states. This bill MUST pass before the August recess of the House and Senate! Democratic representatives in the delusionally governed red states are running out of time and recourse for against partisan voter roadblocks. This Trumpster / GQP consortium is not giving up on their war on democracy. Join the voices of those who went to DC to prevent the quorum for a legislative robbery session back home.

President Biden’s speech directly addressed the current Republican war on voting rights
he said:

Some things in America should be simple and straightforward. Perhaps the most important of those things — the most fundamental of those things — is the right to vote. The right to vote freely. The right to vote freely, the right — the right to vote fairly, the right to have your vote counted. The democratic threshold is liberty. With it, anything is possible. Without it, nothing — nothing.

This is exactly what we are fighting for; this is exactly why 58 Texas Democrats fled the state to block Republican bills that would suppress the right to vote rather than make it easier to cast a ballot.

Attacks on voting rights in state legislatures is ramping up

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Just last week, Texas lawmakers fled the state to block passage of another anti-voter bill that would have made it harder for Black and brown voters to cast their ballots.

These legislators took their fight all the way to D.C. where they demanded that Congress protect our freedom to vote by passing the For the People Act.

We’re not asking you to fly to D.C but we are asking you to keep the pressure on your U.S. Senators, no matter WHO they are, and let them know that the majority of Americans want expanded voter access, fair representation in Congress, and for their elected leaders to be accountable to them instead of billionaire donors.


Here is a message you can leave when you get an aide or voicemail:

Hello, my name is __________ calling from in __________. The right to vote is at the very heart of democracy and must be defended for EVERY voter, regardless of party. Voter suppression in all its forms is wrong. Use every tool available to pass S.1, the For the People Act. Thank you.

Once you have completed your call, click here. We are keeping a tally of how many calls are made by counting the number of times this link is clicked.

Increase your impact: Send an urgent message to your U.S. senators: Defend our democracy. Pass the For the People Act now!


On August 16, the Census Bureau is scheduled to release data from the 2020 census to the states. Without the anti-gerrymandering protections in the For the People Act, states could draw up even more partisan districts, further dilute the political power of communities of color, and stack the deck for Congressional elections for at least another 10 years.

The stakes are high and time is short. We need to flood Senate offices with calls demanding a stronger democracy with voting protections for ALL.

Call Your Senator Today. Demand they use every legal and constitutional tool available to pass the For the People Act. 

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Elizabeth Warren Asks For Help Protecting Voters From GQP Election Frauds

support the Biden-Harris agenda and Democrats nationwide. None of the progress we’ve made so far.

From flipping the Senate to passing the American Rescue Plan, it would’ve been possible without the support of folks like you.


Warren Democrats
Democrats have their hands full in Washington. But Republicans have been pretty busy too, on Capitol Hill and across the country:

  • Voting unanimously against relief checks, expanded unemployment insurance, the new and improved Child Tax Credit, money to safely reopen schools, and funding for vaccination
  • Denying climate change and blocking action to solve this crisis even in the face of extreme wildfires, flooding, and heat waves all around us
  • Denying the fact that January 6 was a violent insurrection, and getting in the way of investigations to get the facts on what happened
  • Swearing loyalty oaths to Donald Trump
  • Purging anyone who dares to tell the truth about who won the election in 2020
  • Passing law after law after law in GOP-controlled states to block eligible Americans from voting, to shred abortion rights, and to bully trans kids

It’s pretty ugly. But here’s what’s worse: the GOP is only one Senate seat and five House seats away from taking back control of Congress. They’re this close to grinding our progressive agenda to a screeching halt.

With zero margin for error, Warren Democrats will be working overtime to protect and expand our Democratic majorities in 2022. But right now, we’re tracking a bit behind where we need to be to reach our monthly fundraising goal. Your support today would go a long way to build a foundation for this team’s success.

Together, we will elect more Democrats like Elizabeth who fight for bold ideas that put power in the hands of working people. And we will defeat Republicans who would hand our government back over to billionaires, giant corporations, and hateful right-wing extremists.

Please chip in right now if you can to power our fight. $3 or whatever makes sense for you would make a real difference.


If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will process automatically:
Grassroots donors like you are powering the fight for big, structural change.

If you can, will you chip in $3 or whatever makes sense right now to help re-elect Elizabeth and put more Warren Democrats in office across the country?



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As time runs out, Pass the For The People Act before they go off for their August Senate Recess. Support the Texas Resistors!

How you can support Texas Democrats fighting for voting rights

Last week, news broke that Democrats in the Texas House (including former Indivisible group leader Erin Zwiener!) literally left the state to prevent the GOP from passing legislation to restrict voting rights in the state. Now they’re in D.C., lobbying for the Senate to pass S.1 and prevent voter suppression efforts in dozens of states across the country.

Since then, we’ve heard from many of you, asking how to support these lawmakers as they take a stand for democracy. So we’ve put together a page where you can give directly to their campaigns. Click here to split a donation to all 56 Texas Democrats who are risking arrest to protect democracy and defend their constituents’ right to vote.

If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express Lane, your donation will go through immediately and be split between Erin Zwiener, Bobby Guerra, Yvonne Davis, and 53 others:

Donate $10 >>

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Donate another amount >>

The stand these Texas Democrats are taking shouldn’t be necessary — voting rights and access should be so firmly enshrined that no state or party can exclude voters from participating in our democracy. But they’re still working hard to make that future a reality. Now is our chance to support their work to protect Texans’ rights and bring the fight to the national stage.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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