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Here’s Some True Facts About Bernie Sanders 2020

And nothing but the truth straight to you from his campaign team. Bernie sanders wants to know how his base views him as a candidate. So come check the boxes on the political issues and his reputation in this opinion poll

Why do you support Bernie?

Another, bigger survey from the Bernie Sanders camp. Respond to this priorities opinion poll. Bernie wants to better know his base. So see how many of your boxes Bernie Sanders checks.

Before diving in, I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Faiz Shakir and I am deeply honored to be your campaign manager for the Bernie Sanders for President 2020 campaign.

This is a campaign built to win and planning to win from the very beginning. We have a strategic advantage that no other candidate has – the power of the people. And that is why we intend to listen to you and seek your feedback often.

Ed: If you choose “other” please considering suggesting election day be a national holiday

Can you please take a quick minute to complete our survey below so I can get a good sense of your priorities as we build out this campaign together?

Why do you support Bernie?
In order to win, we must convince voters that Bernie is the candidate most likely to defeat Trump, and that he’s the candidate we trust to do the things he says he will do when he’s in the Oval Office.

We’re off to a good start, but before we go too deep into the race I wanted to take a moment to say hello, and to say thank you for everything you’ve done to put our campaign in a position not just to win the Democratic primary and defeat Trump, but to transform our country.

Thanks again for taking a minute to fill out this survey. We’ll be in touch again soon.

Best wishes,

Faiz Shakir


We’d like to hear directly from you about why you support Bernie and what you think is required to win this primary, defeat Donald Trump, and transform our country.

Take a moment to complete our brief survey to say what it will take to win.



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