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Here’s Some True Facts About Bernie Sanders 2020

And nothing but the truth straight to you from his campaign team.
Medicare For All, Socialized Medicine, Single-Payer Heath insurance, whatever you call it or from whatever angle you approach it, Health Care is a rip off in America. Bernie’s working to fix it right now in the Senate.

Vote Bernie Sanders for US PresidentIt was only a few years ago that the corporate media and political establishment laughed us off when we said it was past time to guarantee health care as a right for all.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. Because right now Medicare for All is not only supported by the majority of Americans, it is also an idea embraced by many Democrats, including most running for president.

Together we have made incredible progress on this issue, but we are not finished yet. Let me be very clear: that did not happen by accident. It happened because of you. Because of us.

Today I am reintroducing Medicare for All legislation in the Senate. And it’s important that we send an unmistakable message to my colleagues that health care must be guaranteed as a right for all Americans.

I cannot do it alone. So I am asking you directly:

Add your name to say you support my Medicare-for-All, single-payer health care bill. Health care is a human right, not a privilege.

It will come as no surprise that the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies do not like our Medicare for All plan.

They would rather continue making billions in profits off a dysfunctional health care system that leaves millions of Americans struggling to get the care and prescription drugs that they need.

It has never made sense to me that our health care system is primarily designed to make huge profits for multibillion-dollar insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, and medical equipment suppliers. Health care is not a commodity. It is a human right. And the goal of a sane health care system should be to keep people well, not to make stockholders rich.

So today we say to the private health insurance companies, whether they like it or not, the United States will join every other major country on earth and guarantee health care to all people as a right. All Americans are entitled to go to the doctor when they’re sick and not go bankrupt after staying in the hospital.

If we are serious about providing high-quality and affordable health care to every man, woman, and child in this country, the only real solution is a Medicare for All, single-payer system that provides health care to ALL Americans.

Although we have seen growing support in Congress, the truth is that we are still taking on much of the political and financial establishment in this fight. There are many who still believe universal health care is a radical idea. But what they will soon realize is that this is a struggle whose time has come.

Today, as I re-introduce legislation in the Senate, we must send a powerful message that we are prepared to fight for – and win – Medicare for All. The only way we will win is if we are united and prepared to fight on this issue.

Let’s show we’re in this together:

Add your name in support of my Medicare for All bill if you believe it’s past time for our country to guarantee health care as a right.

Our ideas are winning, and today it is important that we show we are as committed to this fight as ever.

In solidarity, Bernie Sanders


Today I am re-introducing legislation in the Senate, and I need your help to send an unmistakable message that health care must be granted as a right to all. 

Add your name to say you support our Medicare-for-All, single-payer health care bill.

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In 2017, my friend Scott Galindez died of kidney failure. Scott was a longtime peace activist and leader of Our Revolution Central Iowa. He was committed to fighting for a world without war, poverty, and injustice. In fact, just days before he passed away he made one final plea for Medicare for All:

“It is personal for me — I am dying from kidney failure. My insurance company would rather pay for dialysis three times a week than cover a transplant…Private insurance has failed me all of my life. If I had grown up in a single-payer country, when I became diabetic it would have been treated, and I would not have damaged my kidneys while having untreated diabetes.”

The last thing people who are sick need is to be worried about paying medical bills or fighting with insurance companies. Tomorrow, Sen. Bernie Sanders is introducing his Medicare for All bill. Will you join me in becoming a citizen co-sponsor of this vital legislation?

Following Scott’s death, our town rallied and turned his funeral into a call to action for Medicare for All. Scott’s death motivates me every day to keep fighting to make sure our country guarantees health care as a human right.

Our community is just one example of the type of organizing going on all across the country to pass Medicare for All. Our Revolution groups and leaders in Texas, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts are working to pass Medicare for All legislation in their cities and state legislatures.

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — are already with us in supporting Medicare for All. Add your name and become a citizen co-sponsor of Sen. Sanders’ Medicare for All bill and build the biggest Medicare for All movement this country has ever seen.

Together we can make sure that no one else has to suffer the way my friend Scott did.

In solidarity,

Michael McKinley
Our Revolution Central Iowa, Scott Galindez Chapter


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