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Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Is Running Behind In Funding

The Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Is Running Behind In Funding

Funding is the fuel that political campaigns run on. A lot of advertising and expertise and lawyers are required to conduct an election bid. I thought that Bernie’s $3 donation (although many gave way more) policy was brilliant. It wasn’t just a great way to lower the barrier to political involvement, but I figured it was a sustainable way to fund raise. The campaign could just periodically ring the bell in email lists and social media and get repeat $3 donations from the millions of supporters Bernie now has access to. So why is he falling behind?

Donate By Midnight has ended but the need still remains,
so don’t let the passed deadline dissuade you from giving…

Donate by midnight

We’re falling a bit behind where we need to be by tonight’s FEC deadline. And that’s not great, because some of our opponents are raising huge sums of money from a lot of rich folks who want to see us lose.

Can you make a contribution to our campaign today right now of the midnight FEC fundraising deadline?

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Sunday, 30 June 2019

Why Is The Campaign Behind In Funding Now?

I see 2 things happening.

First, the debates are an early deciding time and the big money donors open their purses for the first time of the cycle. Those are not Bernie’s people so a tide of big money just raises all the other boats. They are not able or willing to donate on a more frequent basis than 3 month intervals.

Second, the younger Americans don’t understand how to donate. They can be great at donating their time and their online voices, but cash down? Not so much. This I learned in decades of rally organizing. Attendees figure that since the event is going on, somebody must have paid for it all and so they don’t see the importance in donating as they are able to. Sure would be a shame to have democracy fail in America just because of a few repeat $3 donations. Vote with your money now, or just spend it on beer and the last few nails for the coffin lid hanging over America.

When the media, our opponents, and the rest of the country look at our fundraising numbers after Sunday’s deadline, they’ll have asked the same questions.
Will Bernie be able to carry momentum from the debate?
Is Bernie’s political revolution as strong as the other candidates’ big money?

I think the answer is yes — if all of us work together.

All eyes are on us again for Sunday’s FEC fundraising deadline. Our opponents are counting on wealthy donors at big fundraising events. Not Bernie — he is counting on us.

First, the good news:

This campaign is funded by a record number of contributions made by people of all backgrounds and from all communities — almost all small donations in the pursuit of big change.

Now, the bad news:

Last campaign, our average contribution was $27. You know that. This campaign, it’s significantly less. About $16 this month. 
So what that means is we need A LOT more contributions before tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline ends at midnight. That’s the only way we can close the gap with our opponents begging for money at high-dollar fundraisers. I am writing to ask if you would make a $2.70 contribution before tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline comes to an end. Our opponents are raising big money at high-dollar fundraisers and we can’t afford to fall too far behind. I would not ask if it were not so important.

Can Bernie count on you to make a $2.70 contribution to help us close the gap before our FEC fundraising deadline ends at midnight?

You should be very proud of the way we are funding this campaign. Thanks for answering the call today. It’s an important day for our campaign. Media people pay close attention to our FEC reports because this campaign is funded like none other in American political history.

In solidarity,
Faiz Shakir

Here’s a quick schedule update for you, James Statzer:

    • Tonight, Joe Biden will be at his third big-money fundraising event in two days. Other candidates have similar events scheduled with their rich donors, too.
    • Tomorrow at midnight is our big FEC fundraising deadline — a little more than 24 hours from when we sent this email.
    • The next morning, our opponents will start to announce their fundraising totals. We expect to see some big numbers, because those fundraising events bring in WILD amounts of money.
  •  Don’t let Our Revolution Fall Behind In Funding Now

Bernie doesn’t do those events. He’s campaigning in New Hampshire instead. It’s emails like this that bring in the VAST majority of the money for our campaign… but we risk falling behind our opponents’ fundraising totals from their rich donors. So we’re asking you now:

Will you contribute $3 to close the gap before our deadline tomorrow at midnight? This is how we can match what our opponents’ rich donors are doing while Bernie campaigns.

We will win this election by building a movement of people who want to transform our country. It won’t be won in the homes of rich donors. That’s why our ask right now is so important.

Tomorrow night, we close the books on a critical FEC fundraising deadline. This one is big.

That’s why a few of our opponents are spending most of the weekend hopping from one high-dollar fundraiser to the next; holding expensive hors d’oeuvres with one hand while gobbling up fat checks with the other. Over and over again.

Some are going to raise ridiculous amounts of money that way. Obscene amounts. You’ll see it soon. That’s not the way Bernie does things. You know that. But it means we risk falling behind. We have to do EVERYTHING we can today to close the gap before this deadline ends. So, I have to ask:

Can you make a $3 contribution to our campaign – before our deadline ends – to help us keep from falling behind in funding because of the rich people giving to our opponents?

The truth is, the overwhelming majority of the money we raise and donations we receive come from emails — like this one. That’s why we have to ask, and why your response to this call to action is so important. Especially today.

With an FEC fundraising deadline coming up on Sunday, we wanted to take a moment to say why emails like this one are so important to our campaign. As you know, Bernie doesn’t spend his time with rich people asking them to write big checks. He never has, and he never will.

But the truth is that other candidates in this race are traveling the country raising millions of dollars at private events. And we can’t afford to fall too far behind. Every donation makes a big difference – especially ahead of Sunday’s important deadline. So we’re asking all of Bernie’s supporters to contribute what they can to help keep us on track to win.

Can you make a $3 donation before Sunday’s FEC fundraising deadline? Your contribution will ensure we keep pace with our opponents.

Together we are doing things differently. The way we are funding this campaign is from lots and lots of people giving what they can. An entire presidential campaign made possible by grassroots donations alone.

With each donation – and each person who chips in for the first time – we are showing that we are more powerful than a small group of wealthy campaign contributors. Let’s keep it up.

Bernie Has Made His Mark On the Democratic Party & Is changing It Before Our Eyes!

It’s a debate on the issues Bernie popularized — the issues people called “too radical” and “fringe” for a long, long time.

Candidates are actually talking about raising taxes on the rich and on corporations that don’t pay their fair share. They’re talking about raising the minimum wage to a living wage. They’re talking about ideas like free collegeand guaranteeing health care as a right in this country.

Make no mistake about it — they are talking about these issues because we have led the way.

But we can’t stop now. And Bernie can’t do it alone:

Can you make a $3 contribution to our campaign before this debate ends and before Bernie takes the stage tomorrow night?

A lot of candidates are talking like Bernie, but what makes us different is that we know it will take a political revolution in this country to make these ideas happen.

Thank you for being a part of that. Not me. Us.
Faiz Shakir 
Campaign Manager


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