Bernie Sanders 2020 Rallies In May

Bernie Sanders May Campaign Rallies Report

The Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign threw several huge rallies around the country gaining much momentum along the way through both red and blue States.

In 2020, we aren’t writing off ANYTHING. Not a single state. Not a single delegate. Not a single vote. So last weekend, we went to a few states we didn’t do as well in during the last campaign.


Thousands showed up in Asheville, North Carolina. We even needed an overflow area.

Then there was another extraordinary crowd in Augusta, Georgia on a day where the temperature was well into the 90s.

Rally in Augusta

Then we visited Birmingham, Alabama – yes, Alabama – where thousands showed up to join Bernie.

Rally in Alabama
(Photo Credit: Kailani Koenig – @kailanikm)

Now this weekend we are having a homecoming rally in Vermont — one that we hope will be big. And before Bernie hits the stage, we’re trying to generate as many individual donations as we possibly can. This is important:

Please make a $3 contribution to our campaign before Bernie’s homecoming rally in Vermont this weekend. We’re going to compete everywhere in 2020. If you’re with us, we’re going to win.

Some of our opponents may be able to raise almost $1 million a night at fancy fundraisers. And we are damn sure there will be more corporate-funded outside organizations attacking us and our issues.

But we have the people with us; that is clear. And if we keep fighting, we are going to win this race and transform this country. Because Bernie will be everybody’s President!

All my best,
Faiz Shakir -Campaign Manager

Make a $3 contribution before Bernie’s homecoming rally in Vermont this weekend. We’re aiming for a massive number of individual donations before he hits the stage. This is important.


Paid for by Bernie 2020

(not the billionaires)

PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402


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