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Big Ideas From Presidential Candidates at MoveOn Forum

How Your Next Vote Will Change America -MoveOn Forum Video

Watch now: The big ideas from presidential candidates at MoveOn’s forum

Dear MoveOn member, 
On Saturday, eight leading contenders in the Democratic primary presented bold ideas that could transform our country, tackle the biggest challenges we’re facing together, and improve people’s lives. This was MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum, the first-in-our-history in-person candidate forum with presidential contenders, and MoveOn members packed the room, participated in the online watch party across the country, and had their questions brought directly to the candidates on a national stage.

The Big Ideas Forum!

You can also choose to watch it on Twitter, on Instagram, or check out the video of the entire forum.
At the Big Ideas Forum we heard, in order of appearance, about:
Scenes from the Big Ideas Forum
The San Francisco Chronicle‘s reporting of the event included this quote from one MoveOn member in attendance: “It’s energizing, and it makes me feel very hopeful about where we’re going. …Yes, they’re trying to compete against each other, but really what we’re seeing is the coming together of a tapestry of leaders with big ideas that … would essentially be the Democratic response not just to Trump and the GOP, but essentially the new [way] forward for America.”
We also want to acknowledge that, at the forum, a protester leapt onto the stage, seizing the microphone from Sen. Harris and invading the space of our guest and our moderators. It was a scary moment for many. It was also offensive and wrong that a white man presumed to invade the personal space of those onstage and interrupt a vital discussion happening about equity between women of color just because he thought he had something better to talk about. We had a significant security plan in place, including professional security personnel, but after passing through metal detectors, the man was able to breach multiple layers of security and reach the stage. We are committed to learning from this incident and doing better.
We reiterate our heartfelt apology to Sen. Harris, to our moderators Karine Jean-Pierre and Stephanie Valencia, and to DJ CarmenSpindiego, who were all on stage when the breach occurred. Karine’s courageous response to the breach—instinctively stepping between the protester and Sen. Harris—has been widely shared and praised online. You can hear Karine talk with Rachel Maddow about the incident here.
You can help ensure that that man’s attempt to interrupt this important conversation fails by helping us to lift up Sen. Harris’s big idea about pay equity in particular, along with the big ideas of our other participants and big ideas that are circulating throughout the primary. MoveOn will continue to work to uplift not just the big ideas shared Saturday, but the big ideas we want and expect candidates to continue offering as the campaign proceeds.
Please help us continue the conversation—at home, with neighbors, at community meetings, in local media op-ed pages and online comments, and on social media—because we have the power to help propel big, bold ideas like these and others into the heart of the primary and help them become the themes that will shape—and win—the general election in 2020. 

Thanks for all you do.

–Rahna, Karine, Jenn, Nick, and the rest of the team

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