Elizabeth Warren 2022 campaign endorsements

Elizabeth Blue Wave Warren on the Congressional Election 2022

Elizabeth “Blue Wave” Warren on the Congressional Election 2022

Elizabeth “Blue Wave” Warren on the state of democracy. She announces the first endorsements of the year for the upcoming Congressional Election 2022. We can elect leaders who are accountable to the people. No more corporate pawns from any political party. Your votes are more powerful than billionaires, corporations, and powerful special interests. We need a reliable majority in the US Senate. So we need to focus on winning over 2 Senatorial seats. Let it never be forgotten that it is the Democratic Party that gives us a chance to level the playing field for families. A chance to protect our democracy.

The Warren camp announces our first endorsements of the year.

A big vision without a plan is just a fantasy. Exciting, but little more than a wisp that eventually blows away. Winds of change to knock down the Republican’t Party.

In 2020, alongside supporters like you, we endorsed over 150 Democrats running across the country, and helped raise millions in grassroots dollars for true Democratic candidates. 

Together, Democrats took back the Senate and the White House, and protected our majority in the House.

Warren Democrats is gearing up to do it again — just last week we announced our first endorsements of the year. And we’ll keep endorsing candidates who will make us proud by fighting for the bold plans we need at every level of government.

A plan is the first step on the journey to making a vision real.

As the pandemic has shown, we need plans that will ensure our health and safety — careful plans that are patiently developed and refined, day by day, out of the spotlight. We need road-tested plans that are ready to roll out even when no one is sick, even when wildfires aren’t raging and hurricanes aren’t blowing in, even when our economy isn’t on the brink of collapse.

That’s why we’ve not only laid out our vision to cancel student loan debt, root corruption out of Washington, pass a two-cent wealth tax, ensure universal child care, and more — we have the detailed plans to make them happen, too.

But executing these plans requires building a movement to raise everyone’s voices, and electing Warren Democrats across the country. And our next step is to reach our first grassroots fundraising goal of 2022.

Democratic victory in 2022 Congressional election

We Need to Elect Two More Progressive Democratic Senators

Warren Democrats
We’ve scratched and clawed and fought our way to Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate. So while those majorities have helped us accomplish so much over the past year, we have to go further.

On many of America’s most pressing needs. Voting rights, Reproductive rights, and reimagining the Supreme Court, just to name a few. We have to keep up the fight and grow our majorities to get more done. We need to elect at least two more progressive Democratic senators, because we can’t afford to lose the majority we do have, and we certainly can’t stay at this status quo.


A Chance to Level the Playing Field and to Protect Our Democracy

Fight by Elizabeth’s side.
Because of grassroots supporters like you, she’s able to stand strong in Washington and fight for a government that works for working people. We’ve shown that when a lot of people pitch in a little bit at a time, we can elect leaders who are accountable to the people. Remember to use your power in the 2022 Congressional election.

Mitch McConnell has a plan for what he’ll do in 2023 if he takes back the Senate. Nothing.

Moving the goal post on Senate rules for trial to benefit TrumpNothing to help families, nothing to grow our economy, nothing to meet the needs of the American people. Because if he can make sure nothing gets done, it would make President Biden look bad.

McConnell’s plan is all politics, all obstruction, all the time. Sound familiar? Yep, because it’s the same play he ran against President Obama, including refusing to consider his Supreme Court nominee in 2016.

We can’t let it happen again, but we’re going to have to fight, because our Democratic majority hangs by a thread.

Now, I get it: Even with Democratic control, everything hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows. Even though we’ve taken big strides with the American Rescue Plan, and the Infrastructure Act, it’s bone-deep frustrating that we haven’t been able to protect voting rights or get climate action and child care over the finish line already.

The answer is to not give up.

There’s one way to make it easier to get more done: expand our Democratic majorities.

And there’s one way to guarantee that NOTHING else gets done: hang back and watch Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy grab the reins.

A Democratic Congress — with stronger majorities, and more members who understand what working families need — means we have a chance to keep up the fight. A chance to level the playing field for families. A chance to protect our democracy.

So here’s my plan. I’m going to spend the rest of 2022 fighting to get as much done as possible with the Congress we have now, and working to elect more Warren Democrats so we can expand our majorities and get more on the table.

We know what’s at stake. We know what lies ahead of us. And if we work together, we can win together.

Please make a donation if you can to help hit our goal to help power this fight.

Thanks for being a part of this,





Elizabeth Warren Is Campaigning for the 2022 Congressional Election Battle.

We need to level the district level playing field and win at least 2 Senate seats!

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