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Malcolm Nance On Trumpster Death Cult

Malcolm Nance On Trumpster Death Cult

Here’s more Malcolm Nance. With warnings of the ongoing coup and death cult. Republican plotters leading dupes to attack and kill Americans. What will it take to deprogram a Trumpster? How about a voice of expertise and decades of service to US intelligence?

This is most of what was said in a long visit to the Stephanie Miller Show. She has Malcolm Nance on the radio with intelligence analysis at least weekly and also on call for breaking news. He’s an expert on the Trump-Putin partnership.

This book is the manual of how we need to Counterattack the Coup that Donald Trump and his cronies and partisans attempted. Expect continued plots that kill Americans.

Stephanie Miller:

You look unscarred from your Twitter fight with Roger Grinnell.

Malcolm Nance:

Wait, what happened?

Stephanie Miller:

I don’t even know how this started. But one of them tweeted. You say Trump supporters want to kill Americans. Where’s your proof? You said, OK, Trump’s former accurately titled acting DNI asked. Where’s the proof Trump’s supporters want to kill Americans? Let’s recalibrate him since he’s clearly been in a coma, between subverting democracy and betraying the Constitution. I’ll start… You just went down and listed story after story, like this.

One man asked Charlie Kirk when he can start killing people who don’t think Trump won? You said this happened so recently, I don’t even have it in my book, but then you went to list all the other people arrested and or convicted of wanting to kill Americans.

Malcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump Antifa resistance movements. He told you so before and during Trump’s election campaign. Now he’s back with more confirmation about our nation’s most criminal White House occupants. Also, their domestic terrorism.

Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America : How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It

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Malcolm Nance:

Let me tell you where this started, because it didn’t start with that tweet. It started with a tweet from Stephen Miller. Yeah, Rudy Giuliani’s Nosferatu mini me. That came out and actually attacked me, and I refrained. Then the only thing I said to him was that there would be an epic recalibration. Before I can do a thing, Richard Grinnell. Richard Grinnell if you don’t know who he is, he was a big big Trump fundraiser. Part of Trump’s LGBTQ for Trump campaign. Who then was made US Ambassador to Germany.

As an ambassador, you’re only allowed to transmit messages. You’re not allowed to get involved in local politics. He was meeting with Angela Merkel’s political opponents to overthrow their government and election. The Germans wanted him kicked out. So they brought him back to the United States and what was his job?

They replaced a wonderful career intelligence officer named Sue Gordon, who was acting as Director of National Intelligence. Really a true professional, a loyal patriot, and they put this guy in. As Acting Director of National Intelligence, apparently his job was to feed information to the Trump campaign to use against the intelligence community.

All of this was done in the run up to January 6. So I wasn’t taking any lecturing from someone who was so unqualified. By the way, to be Director of National Intelligence, by statute, by law, you must have, line one, experience in US intelligence.

Yeah, well, when I was a little baby spy coming out of Defense Language Institute, speaking fundamental Arabic. I had more intelligence experience than he had in his entire life. I qualified for Director of National Intelligence.

Stephanie Miller:

This was my favorite tweet. He said, paramilitary insurgency? You clearly will say anything to sell a book. Your radicalism should be widely dismissed. And you said, Oh, look, it’s a disgraced stooge commentary day on my timeline. Dear Dick, I look forward to your truthful testimony before the January 6 committee on your role of acting DNI during the attempted overthrow of the government. In betrayal of your oath of office, and the Constitution.
author malcolm nance

Malcolm Nance:

Yeah. He said, Why does MSNBC have you on?

Stephanie Miller:

You replied, I’ll answer that. Because unlike you, I had a decades long distinguished and honorable career in the US intelligence community. Protecting and defending the Constitution from foreign enemies with my life. My calling out domestic terrorists seems a problem for you. Why is that?

Thank you. We just had Ayman Medina about his fantastic new podcast, America Radical. I mean, how are they different from Islamic radicals or terrorists. They aren’t, Right? I mean, it’s just that this is.

Malcolm Nance:

No. In the intelligence community, we try to identify your ideology, but sometimes we have to identify you by your nationalism. Thus we have the American terrorist. Okay. There have been American terrorists. What’s happening now is that they have co-opted patriotism.

They like to think that no matter what they do, it’s covered by patriotic duty. So they can break laws. They can commit crimes. They can threaten people. They can intimidate people. We’ve had how many mass murders that have been committed since Donald Trump’s election, in 2016. In his name, or in the name of the ideologies, he was espousing. 26 people mass murdered in a Walmart in El Paso by a young kid who had listened to Donald Trump’s call and believed.

What Tucker Carlson is now espousing is the replacement theory of whites with Hispanic immigrants. He takes an AK 47 goes to a Walmart and he shoots. Virtually all of them are Americans.

Stephanie Miller:

You’ve been talking forever about them fomenting civil war. Donald Trump’s latest rally. Him saying if you’re white, you don’t get COVID treatment, you go to the back of the line. I mean, how much more incendiary does it get? Blacks are getting your stuff, got to do something about it. I mean, it doesn’t get any more clear what he’s trying to do.
For 2022 Move On has a plan to evict the Trumpster Death Cult

Malcolm Nance:

Trump’s hood is absolutely off with that speech. That speech where he espoused open white supremacy. Talking white grievance. Saying that, it disgusts me to even say this. That an American would say this without repercussion, that whites don’t get COVID treatments. All the COVID treatments are going to blacks. Whites have to go to the back of the line to get COVID treatment.

What kind of open racism in this? This is fomenting race war in the United States. I have a former president in the United States, literally exciting people into the belief that they are now second class citizens. You know what’s next? The call to arms.

The call that they are going to want to fight for what’s theirs. Because they don’t think blacks and Hispanics should be getting anything. These are the same people that refuse to take COVID treatments. Now are being told by Donald Trump that medicine is being withheld from whites. It’s disgusting!

This book is the manual of how we need to Counterattack the Coup that Donald Trump and his cronies and partisans attempted. Expect continued plots that kill Americans.

Stephanie Miller:

I feel like this story might be of interest to you. Firearms, a drone, and 30 days of supplies. New details of the Oath Keepers January 6 weapons cache. This would be the unarmed tourist visits that we were told about.

Prosecutors provided new details about a weapons stockpile. The Oath Keepers have assembled at a Comfort Inn in nearby Arlington, Virginia. What do you think is most significant? Whether it’s starting from the Giuliani etcetera’s subpoenas all the way down.

Trumpster Death Cult Lawyers

Malcolm Nance:

Many treason reasons to nail TrumpI think that subpoenaing Giuliani and all the four lawyers is the most significant. The tactical stuff, the stuff that’s going on with the Oath Keepers. We knew that was coming. The FBI is working their way from the bottom. Now we’re getting to the grand conspiracy.

The universal factors that have glued all this together. The universal field theory for this conspiracy. These, quote unquote lawyers crafted this giant conspiracy. That China, Russia, Venezuela, the dead President Hugo Chavez had put something in the system to overthrow the government. Once they convince Donald Trump, it was all true, and then you have the sub lawyers.

Like the guy at the Justice Department, Eastman. All crafting together memorandums on how to overthrow the government. Now if you, look, if you’re not watching anything, watch Rachel Maddow. Okay. Rachael Maddow’s discovery of the set of forgeries. Of the investigation showing seven different states had actually fraudulently signed certificates of electors. Voted in these people, as electors.

This was a massive plan. Those people intended to go in and throw those seven states over for Donald Trump. All they needed was for Mike Pence, to come and say so. People need to go to prison for this. This is literally not just the subversion of democracy. Right? This is subversion of the Constitution. It’s the overthrow of the government.

Stephanie Miller:

By the way, did you see the clip of Trump quoting Stalin about who’s more important, the people that count the votes? He’s quoting Stalin and somebody said, the Florida government proposes a special police agency to monitor elections. The proposed office of election crimes and security. Did I just wake up and Saddam’s Iraq or Stalin’s USSR? Then you said I’m gonna go with Stalin’s. Because Mr. Saddam would have had a minister who he could kill at will. But it is chilling stuff, isn’t it?

Malcolm Nance:

Yeah, and that other quote came from Mark Palmeras. A career CIA case officer who worked in Afghanistan. He’s like, where are we now? Here’s the United States actually espousing secret police offices. Now you know what their job would really be.

sexy liberal fun humor satire the Trump ResistanceTheir job would really be to overlook any criminality. From the new rigged election groups and the Secretary of State and to suppress the vote. They would probably arm them and put them out in front of polling places, and claim it’s there for their security. We are in a very dark place here in the United States.

So here’s my rant. November of this year could be the end of all of it. If you weren’t telling your friends, if you weren’t telling your family, if you weren’t telling your dog. That we all must blow this election away. Down ticket all Democrats Congress, Senate, Secretary of State, beekeeper in chief, I don’t care. We have to vote.

Stephanie Miller:

Since you’re also a Russia expert, Russia’s sending troops from the countries Far East to Belarus for major war games. The deployment will further beef up Russian military assets near Ukraine. Amid Western fears of a planned invasion. Ukrainian officials have warned that neighboring Russia could launch an attack from various directions including from Belarus.

If you watch Tucker Carlson you only get the Russian talking points. Can you explain to us what we are concerned about?

Trumpster Death Cult TV

Malcolm Nance:

The 3 Plots of Trump-Putin
Learn More – Click Here

I’m not so much a Russia expert as I am an expert in wars, major ground wars. What Russia is doing is this. It is an intimidation campaign. They intend to put back into power their pro-Moscow acolyte, Petro Poroshenko. He was arrested when he came back when, some of you know, essentially, to stand up to justice. Russia is trying to decide where, in what countries, can have liberty and freedom in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine has decided they want to be Western aligned. They want to be allied with NATO. They already had their country invaded in 2014. When Russia took Crimea and created fake, pro Russia, militias in the Donbass region. That’s like the southeast of the country and now Belarus is to the north and northeast. Russia is to their east. Then they’re surrounded on their entire east and north and Russia is making threats like they’re going to invade and take all of Ukraine.

This could be the first major, major ground combat seen in Europe since Bosnia in the early 1990s. I did that one too, and it ended with a small genocide. Over 6000 Men mass-murdered over a couple of days. This is not going to go well.

Don’t listen to Tucker Carlson. That man is exactly what the Russians have crafted. A fifth column in the United States, who are now essentially getting 1/3 of this country to believe. Why should we care about what Russia does? They have bought Fox News to be their propaganda machine.
Biden Vaccine Success

Stephanie Miller:

Thank you for standing up for Joe Biden in a number of ways. Because, and I just say this every day, Malcolm. It’s driving me insane. That he statistically provably has one of the best records ever for a first year in office. It’s just the media. They’re going to “both sides” us right into autocracy. Always making, you know, Democrats in disarray and Biden in peril stories. Over and over again.

The latest is about him, going to visit the graves of his son or wife, their daughter. You tweeted, widower here, I drove eight hours round trip bi-monthly to visit my wife at Washington Crossing National Cemetery. I stay five to 10 minutes, and you talked about the people writing these articles. It’s just cruel and indifference to POTUS’s grief is painful, hurtful, and disgusting.

A million Americans have lost parents, spouses, etc. It is amazing what they can spin as a negative about Joe Biden.

Malcolm Nance:

All for the bread and circuses of Trump. That’s all I can say. Ashley Parker and Maureen Dowd wrote the entire article. but it would it took these other two to focus in on that and the one that disgusts me the most. I think her name was Nancy Cross. She said, I have to sit in the van.

How do you think I feel? I have to sit in the van. Well, you know, if I was President of the United States, I’d make her happy to sit in the van for hours while I was at Washington Crossing. To show we’ve lost almost a million our fellow Americans. It’s almost a million.

These people are remorseless. Heartless. Look, where my beloved wife is buried. The COVID section is almost 20% of that cemetery now. It exploded. It grew so fast. They couldn’t lay grass down during this year. Because they were too busy burying. These media people think that Joe Biden going home and visiting the grave of his son and his wife and his daughter is bad for America. They no longer care about empathy. Ok, you listeners, here’s where you’re part of the problem.

Trumpster Death Cult murder is a priority issue

These polls saying Joe Biden’s at 38% 33%. You know where that’s coming from? 30% of that is us saying, I didn’t get my little pet project, so now I don’t like Joe Biden. I didn’t get criminal justice reform. So I don’t like Joe Biden. I didn’t get women’s rights this time. So I don’t like Joe Biden. Every time we show no unity. That’s Republicans, Independents, Democrats who stand for this Constitution. You are damaging the country.

Joe Biden’s doing an awesome job. Look at the economy. Unemployment rate. Then look at what we think we have achieved. Joe Scarborough said it this morning. Democrats complain about what they didn’t get, not what they did get. So it’s time to start answering those polls with a little more thought.

Stephanie Miller:

Thank you, Senior Chief. We’ll see you next week.

This Has Been Malcolm Nance On the Trumpster Death Cult

This book is the manual of how we need to Counterattack the Coup that Donald Trump and his cronies and partisans attempted. Expect continued plots that kill Americans.




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