Trump Conspirators contempt of Congress

Enforce Contempt of Congress

Contempt of Congress

Tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Hold Republicans Accountable

If only there was a legal proceeding written into our Constitution that would bypass a White House hell-bent on obstruction… 

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Say you’ve been served a subpoena to appear before Congress, and you don’t show up. What happens next? Recent cases with Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn have proven that what comes next is a lot of back and forth, and no actual answers. 
If only there was a legal proceeding written into our Constitution that would bypass a White House hell-bent on obstruction… 
We’re closer than ever to impeachment. But not every member of Congress is doing enough to stand up for our democracy.

As an experienced member of Congress, Rep. Luján knows that protecting our democracy is his responsibility, first and foremost. And he worked his heart out to win back Democratic control of the House in 2018 as chairman of the DCCC. Now it’s time to use what he fought for to get a criminal president out of office!

After Congress votes to hold you in contempt for flouting a subpoena, three things could happen:
  1. Congress can ask the Department of Justice to criminally prosecute you. (Side note: Barr is currently being held in contempt for refusing to turn over the unredacted Mueller report, but it’s not like he’s going to prosecute himself.)
  2. Congress can seek a civil judgment from a federal court to make you cooperate with their subpoena. This could get tangled up in the courts for years, and even outlast Trump’s presidency.
  3. Congress can detain and imprison you until you comply, because the legislative branch has “inherent contempt power” to directly enforce their own rulings. That being said, this hasn’t been invoked since 1935, so this likely won’t happen.
It’s clear that Trump is doing all he can to cover up his crimes, and will only continue to defy Congress. Speaker Pelosi can act as the ultimate check on his reckless power, if she would step up: Email the Speaker of the House and tell her to launch an impeachment inquiry.
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