John Steyer Petition To Show Trump’s Taxes

What Is Trump Hiding In His Tax Forms?

Tom Steyer is collecting signatures to present to Congressman Richard Neal demanding the release and investigation of Donald Trump Tax Secrets. What Is Donald Trump hiding that he can’t show his income taxes. Being audited is no excuse.

The Plan To Impeach Donald Trump Involves Financial Crimes

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that impeaching Donald Trump (right now) is “not worth it.” She admitted that Mr. Trump is ethically and intellectually unfit to be president, but said impeachment is “too divisive” without Republicans on board.
If Speaker Pelosi won’t lead on this issue, then we have to. We’re focused on pushing Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal, who chairs the Ways and Means Committee, to subpoena Mr. Trump’s taxes so we can find out where his money is coming from.
Only holding people accountable when it’s politically convenient is a dangerous precedent to set — it tells the world that we don’t really believe in the law. And if we are waiting for Republicans to grant us permission before we tell the truth and uphold the Constitution, then we’ll be waiting until hell freezes over.
Tomorrow I will be hosting a town hall in Chairman Neal’s congressional district, where we will raise our voices to urge him to act on behalf of his constituents and obtain Mr. Trump’s taxes. Show him that this movement is national. Add your name to tell Chairman Neal to subpoena Mr. Trump’s taxes and expose the truth.
Thank you,
Tom Steyer 
Founder -Need To Impeach

PO Box 538 | San Francisco, CA 94104



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