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Need To See Trump’s Taxes

What Is Trump Hiding In His Tax Forms?

Tom Steyer is collecting signatures to present to Congressman Richard Neal demanding the release and investigation of Donald Trump Tax Secrets. What Is Donald Trump hiding that he can’t show his income taxes. Being audited is no excuse.

Mueller Report On Donald Trump Financial Crimes

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that impeaching Donald Trump (right now) is “not worth it.” She admitted that Mr. Trump is ethically and intellectually unfit to be president, but said impeachment is “too divisive” without Republicans on board.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller just submitted his report to the Department of Justice. We, the American people, deserve to see what’s in it — to know, once and for all, whether our president coordinated with foreign officials to interfere in a national election.
If Trump and his team get their hands on this report before the full contents are made public, we have no way of knowing which critical points they’ll chose to redact. The subject of an investigation should not have control over the contents of that investigation, James.
Special Counsel Mueller was appointed to investigate on behalf of you and I, and we deserve to see his findings as soon as possible.

2 Things We Do Know

Two things are true now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete:
  1. Donald Trump has not been exonerated.
  2. It’s more important than ever that Congress and the American people see his tax returns and learn exactly who the President is really working for.
95,217 people signed our petition asking Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal to subpoena Trump’s taxes — and last week, Need to Impeach volunteers hand-delivered every name to Rep. Neal’s office in Springfield. Now that Mueller has filed his report — it’s time to raise our voices again. So will you add your name to the petition to demand Chairman Neal subpoena Trump’s taxes?
Trump continues to side with Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence, and changes course on major policy decisions to kowtow to Russian interests. An investigation into Trump’s finances could clear up questions of where his loyalties actually lie.
Thank you,
Tom Steyer 
Founder -Need To Impeach

PO Box 538 | San Francisco, CA 94104



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