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Q ‘s For Jesus, A Cult Infection In The Body

Q ‘s For Jesus, A Cult Infection In The Body

I call it Q ‘s For Jesus. A Cult infection of the Body of Christ is accelerating in the USA. This is the poison fruit of a cursed tree the Republican panderers and militia exploiters have been cultivating since the Nixon Administration. Years of infiltration is done to politicize church congregations, draw away followers, raise money under cover of charity, and discredit Christianity in favor of a more authoritarian system of belief.

Let’s look into this infiltration by the Trump Cult and militia groups of the church.

Infiltrating Oath Keepers

This is the advice. The best thing you can do is to become part of the existing first responder community in your town. Go join the volunteer fire department. OK, in your community you need to go join the Volunteer Fire Department, or search and rescue, or volunteer ambulance, driver. EMS go join your police auxiliary, or reserve officer. We can tie these down,  men. You got all those choices that are already there you should go pick one of them.
The skill sets are  how to talk about the cell. Then you can come back later and say, hey I’m Joe with the Volunteer Fire program. Hey I’m starting neighborhood watch. I’m working with Officer Friday at over here local PD. Have that together with this neighborhood watch. Now you’re going to get much more participation. But if you walk up and say, I’m Mr. Militia. I’m starting militias here. As the militia commander said earlier. It turned into the M word, a dirty word . Now it’s like the n-word. So revitalize it. I don’t care what you call it.
There’s the government institutions that’s Town, County, State. Where you get into official things in there like the Sheriff Dept reserve deputies. Then  you have things outside of government. That’s your neighborhood. Next one’s your church. The churches in this country, you’ve got people, you’ve got a building, got leaders, but what are they doing? Are they representing the church? Taking seriously its responsibility to be a refuge for the community. To be the source of charity to be the source of disaster relief.
You see, This militia recruiter only wants to control of responders and oblige the church to do his disaster relief for one end. Prevent his cult from want in the carnage of a disastrous insurrection plot.

Q ‘s For Jesus and Q-An-anti Semitism

The Cult Of Trump Goes To Church
John Fugelsang is on the Stephanie Miller Show cracking wise about how the Republican Party and the religious right are going Q paranoid.

Jesus is a conspiracy theory nut. Now it’s fascist Christ.


“There are people who are radicalized right now. It’s going to take a very long time to de-radicalize these people and a lot of effort. This is a problem that doesn’t go away on January 2nd, and it will take more than one conversation to de-program them.”

“There is a spectrum of radicalization that ranges from sympathizers, to conspiracy theorists, to Neo-Nazis. Such radical ideology could lead to violence and domestic terrorists. Research Has shown Healing Is Possible. We need to double, triple or quadruple the funding for these programs,” Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez said. Explaining, they identify with the Big Lie. The conspiracy theory Trump vainly pushes that the election was stolen from him.

“Healing is Possible.”

There are too many fringe radicals who all share in a misinformation bubble. A mental framing that filters what they see and hear. If it fits their programming they cling to it and embellish the story to create relevance to themselves. If it conflicts or is outside the framing, it’s fake news.

Trump conspired with the Republican Party to radicalize the hopeful supporters into frustrated malcontents conditioned to violence. When fans see a long series of fails in Trump’s court cases and every other ploy to reverse the election, presented as something sinister, they are made to feel frustrated. Now they can be tricked into thinking there are no peaceful solutions. No peaceful solution, because impossible desires are impossible to make manifest. Then Trump and company dupes them into going along with the connected fascists and racists who invaded the Capitol. 

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Click Here For Help With Trumpism

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