Trump & Mueller’s Statement

Trump and Mueller’s Statement

Re: Mueller’s statement

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This morning, after weeks of letting his report speak for itself, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a public statement.
He emphasized that his investigation did not clear Donald Trump of criminal conduct, and that Justice Department guidelines did not empower him to indict the President. Mr. Mueller’s statement makes it clear that the only path forward is impeachment.

James, call your representative and tell them to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to hold a lawless president accountable by starting an impeachment inquiry.

Mr. Trump, his attorney general William Barr, and his Republican enablers in Congress have lied to the American people about the findings of the Mueller report, which includes 10 possible instances of obstruction of justice.
It’s time for Congressional leadership to stop worrying about what they’ve deemed politically expedient for their own careers — instead, they need to do what’s right and begin impeachment proceedings.
By not supporting impeachment, your representative Fred Upton is allowing Mr. Trump to get away with his illegal behavior. Call Rep. Upton to demand support of an impeachment inquiry against this criminal president.
Our democracy is at stake. Robert Mueller did his job, and more — it’s time our representatives in Congress do theirs.

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Tom Steyer
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A key reason the House might end up pursuing impeachment is over obstruction of another kind: obstruction of Congress.
The Constitution sets up a system of checks and balances, through which the legislative branch provides oversight of the executive branch. Instead of respecting the process, Trump has instructed his administration and aides, past and present, to not comply with congressional investigations and lawful subpoenas.
Attorney General William Barr, former White House Counsel Don McGahn, and other Trump associates have skipped out on testifying before House committees. Barr still has not provided Congress the full, unredacted Mueller report, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin won’t hand over Trump’s tax returns. 
Sternly-worded letters and deadline extensions are useless against a White House that believes Congress has no “legitimate role” in investigating the President. Impeachment is the ultimate check on Trump. Send an email asking your representative to hold this reckless, lawless president accountable.

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