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  • Good Job Bernie thank you

    Sanders campaign ends, the struggle continues

    It's official, the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign is over. The struggle continues because the Democratic Party needs to complete the progressive changes in itself, before we can credibly take our message to the general election voters. We thank you for breaking progressives through the media blockade. Bernie thanks all the small donors, phone bankers, (the only kind of banker he accepts help from) the surrogates, the canvassers and those who reached out to people with the hopeful message of saving representative democracy in the face of fascism.

  • What Is It Like To Go To A Caucus

    In case you were wondering, this is how to attend and participate in a primary election caucus. While each State has many variations and rules, this will capture  and present the general feel of it for you. Some States don't use a caucus at all. Enjoy this video and these notes about the video.