What Is It Like To Go To A Caucus

Ever Wonder What Is It Like To Go To A Caucus?

In case you were wondering, this is how to attend and participate in a primary election caucus. While each State has many variations and rules, this will capture  and present the general feel of it for you. Some States don’t use a caucus at all. Enjoy this video and these notes about the video.

In this video from Omaha, Nebraska Bernie’s supporters win handily over Hillary and the rest.

The first thing I would note is that this is an antiquated process. The traditional location has become too small for the growing voter base. This 2016 primary sparked extraordinarily high participation from an influx of young Bernie supporters. This is how the caucus of Legislative District #8 in Nebraska worked.

The video begins with people spilling out of the building to have the caucus outside because there was half the room needed inside.

Local office candidates and presidential campaign surrogates give short speeches.

See how they count the votes. A head count, it was like counting steers.

First head count scores. I wonder who won.

Last speeches by advocates to convince undecideds or other voters to come over to their side, laterally. Called re-alignments.

When Bernie gets a haircut he always asks for just 1% off the top.

Realignment rules and first re-alignment.
It was quickly determined that Bernie won the caucus but the margin was made narrower by the absentee ballot count.

Now this was short and painless compared to Iowa and some other States. I highly recommend everybody participate in party political events like the caucus. There’s no hidden decisions in back rooms. Everything is public and there’s no secrets.

 How the democratic caucus works vidoe shows what happens
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Nothing will change for the better as long as the same 25% of the adult population are the only ones who take voting seriously. There are more 1st and 2nd time voters coming into the population than there are Republicans.

Barack Obama’s Plea to the Youth Vote

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