Who for Biden's VP? Amy, Elizabeth, Michelle?

Tracking with the Polls -How About Joe Biden & Amy Klobuchar

Tracking with the Polls:
Some potential Joe Biden picks
-How About Joe Biden & Amy Klobuchar?

Now that’s just a campaign between Biden and the other third of the party in Bernie’s hand. Here’s a few polls you can do to give your opinion on various potential Vice President picks Joe Biden could make soon. Some potential Joe Biden picks are below.

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–– Breaking 2020 Prediction from Election Expert Nate Silver ––
Nate Silver: Amy Klobuchar is most likely to serve as Biden’s VP

OFFICIAL: 2020 Election Poll for Michigan Democrats
Live Poll Conducted 03/11/2020 — For Internal Use Only
Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar
Would you vote for Joe Biden & Amy Klobuchar if they ran together against Donald Trump & Mike Pence?

NO →


If you’ve opened this email, your exclusive 2020 poll has already begun. Please make a selection immediately, even if it is “UNSURE”. Responses due within 30 minutes.



FIRST: Experts said Mark Kelly could WIN in Arizona and flip the Senate.

BUT THEN: Trump flew to Arizona and GUARANTEED a GOP victory:

Martha McSally

Donald Trump

NOW: It’s coming true — Mark Kelly’s lead has COLLAPSED!

Do nothing, and Trump will STEAL this seat to keep his Senate Majority…

But if you rush a $5, Michigan Progressives will 350%-MATCH the next 175 gifts made to save Mark Kelly!! Chip in right away ⤸⤸



In a race this close, every single vote matters.

That’s why our battle-tested Voter Turnout teams are absolutely critical.

They’re on the ground right now, working to register Democratic voters and make sure they turn out to the polls in November.

It’s the ONLY way to prove Trump wrong and WIN a Democratic Senate!!


Michelle Obama

Forecasters currently have Michelle Obama ranked as one of the people who could be selected as the eventual Vice Presidential Nominee.

Do you think she would be a good choice for Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee?

For this poll, we’re looking for [3] Democrats to respond from Buchanan, Michigan. Please let us know what you think →


Thanks for your response,

– Stop-Republicans.org

We’ll be looking out for your response!

– Progressive Turnout Project Data Team

Subject: Some potential Joe Biden picks

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