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The Mueller Report is Done, Almost

Historically, when there has been a Special Investigator’s Report commissioned by Congress, the report is made public quickly if not immediately. The Starr Report delivered the Full Report and boxes of supporting documentation. So there’s something very suspicious about the way the Republican’ts want to sweep it under the rug. Like Nixon did to his Shafer Commission Report.

It’s only been a few days since Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr, but this team has leaped into action, demanding that Barr release the entire report to Congress and to us, the American people.
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Take a second to watch the video now, and then share it with your communities online and off. No matter what his cronies and enablers say, Trump is not off the hook — not by a long shot. It’s up to us to continue to hold Congress accountable.
 Once you’ve shared the video with your friends, send a quick email to your senators and ask that they demand to see the entire Mueller report. Our tool allow you to send them an email with just one click of a button.
Thank you,
Need to Impeach

As of May 31st, the Mueller report still hasn’t been released to Congress and the American public.

All we’ve seen is a four-page summary written by Trump’s hand-picked attorney general, who thought from the beginning that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction investigation was illegitimate. Donald Trump is still very much in legal jeopardy and has not been exonerated. 

While we fight for transparency, we can’t lose perspective on what we already know about Mr. Trump: He’s committed at least 10 offenses that clearly render him unfit for office.

We don’t need the Mueller report to see that the President is compromised. We have news clips of Mr. Trump in Helsinki accepting Vladimir Putin’s denials of Russian interference in our elections, explicitly choosing to ignore U.S. intelligence and the Americans who risk their lives to protect this country. We have indictments of six former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer.
Don’t lose sight of what’s been true from the beginning: No one is above the law, and it is now up to Congress to remind Mr. Trump of this fact.
 Add your name today to say that it’s time to impeach this illegitimate president.
This is a president who has repeatedly attacked journalists and undermined the freedom of the press. He’s separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents and held them in camps and cages. He’s repeatedly endangered our national security. And meanwhile, he’s making millions off of this presidency by prioritizing his family business over the American people.
There’s so much more at stake here than one four-page memo could cover. We, the people, need to see the full Mueller report. We deserve to know what Attorney General William Barr is hiding from the American people. And in the meantime, don’t lose perspective on the larger fight.
Together, we can hold our government accountable and make our democracy work again. 
Thank you for being a part of this fight,
Tom Steyer, Founder
Need to Impeach

PO Box 538 | San Francisco, CA 94104


Muellertime Delay Update

Leading Off: 300 > 4

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is over 300 pages long, but all we’ve seen is a problematic four-page summary, written by a partisan attorney general with a “preordained” opinion on the Mueller investigation and obstruction of justice. Attorney General William Barr cherry-picked info from the report to fit the Republican narrative, left a ton of unanswered questions, and — tellingly — did not consult Mueller. What are you covering up, Barr?
Here are the few things we do know: Mueller did not exonerate Trump. The Special Counsel presented evidence of obstruction of justice, but apparently left the decision of criminally charging Trump to Barr. (Important to note: the standard for pursuing criminal charges is very different than for starting impeachment hearings.)
And Trump is still guilty of being unfit for office. His campaign benefited from hacking perpetrated by Russian Military Intelligence, and from misinformation spread by an oligarch-owned company, confirming Russian interference. Trump officials lied about their contacts with Russia (even this week!) and Trump lied about his business ties with Russia. As our founder Tom Steyer wrote in Newsweek“the case to impeach Trump is as strong as ever.”
This grassroots movement is continuing to combat the lies and complacency in D.C. Here are three things you can do to make a difference:
The Fight Doesn’t Stop with the End of the Mueller Investigation​
The House Oversight and Reform Committee, led by Chairman Elijah Cummings, is asking an accounting firm for 10 years of Trump’s financial records. This is to corroborate Michael Cohen’s testimony earlier this month that Trump illegally inflated his net worth and deflated assets.
Meanwhile, Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution that would direct the House Judiciary Committee to open an investigation into Trump’s impeachable offenses.
We support Rep. Tlaib’s call for an impeachment investigation.
Last week, more than 170 NTI volunteers made over 83 visits to 51 representatives’ offices to talk about impeachment during the March recess in-district work period. Let’s keep the momentum going when Congress returns home for two weeks in April: Sign up to meet with your representative.
A Tale of Two Congressmen
California Congressman Adam Schiff is under fire from Republicans, who are calling on him to resign as chair of the House Intelligence Committee. In response, he gave an impassioned speech outlining the many connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, as Trump’s cries of “no collusion” ring hollow. Add your name to our petition thanking Chairman Schiff for not backing down in the face of Republican intimidation, and for being on the right side of history.
Petition to stop Trump and republicans
Meanwhile, House Majority Whip James Clyburn is ready to move on from the Mueller investigation, calling it a “chapter that’s closed.” We’d have to disagree: How can we move on when we haven’t seen the full report? The South Carolina Congressman has a lot of influence among House Democrats: Send him an email to stand for impeaching the most corrupt president in U.S. history.
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