Watergate 2.0 -Trump and Nixon Parallels Are Uncanny

Watergate 2.0 -Trump and Nixon Parallels

Read this report from the voice of experience from the impeachment and removal of Richard M. Nixon. Donald Trump has paralleled Nixon on several points so far. Push for the Democrats to follow through to either remove Trump or forever tie his crimes to the Republican Party with their acquittal vote. The situation has never been more right to do your Constitutional duty without delay!


I prosecuted the Watergate criminals back in 1973 and 1974;
what I’ve seen in this administration is worse. In 1974, the House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment in a bipartisan vote. Congress was ready to recommend President Richard Nixon’s impeachment when he was told by the top three Republicans that the Senate would convict him unless he resigned. Our case against him was damning. He had promised to pardon his cronies. He paid off his cover-up accomplices for “legal fees.” He undermined investigations. He lied to the public about what he knew and hid evidence from investigators. He stonewalled Congressional subpoenas.
We now know that candidate and President Trump did all of those same things and more. So what’s the difference between 1974 and today? When the Watergate Special Prosecutor’s grand jury – my grand jury –  and Senate and House public hearings exposed Nixon’s crimes, Congress held Nixon accountable.
It has been months since the Mueller Report provided solid evidence for Trump’s impeachment.
 Last month’s hearing confirmed that Trump obstructed justice, welcomed and encouraged Russian attacks, and lied to cover up his tracks. Trump is acting in the mold of one of the most criminally corrupt presidents in American history, and Congress is letting him get away with it. He has stonewalled not just the criminal investigation of the proven Russian interference in our 2016 elections, but most oversight of his campaign and administration.
As a former Assistant Watergate Prosecutor, I know the power of public outcry. We are 8 million voices and counting. If we speak together, we can spur Congress to move forward on impeachment.
Jill Wine-Banks
Former Watergate Prosecutor
Former General Counsel of the Army
Former Executive Director of the American Bar Association
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