You Want Kamala For Biden’s VP- Here’s Why

You Want Kamala For Biden’s VP- Here’s Why

Here’s why you should want Kamala Harris for Joe Biden’s VP running mate. You know she’s at the top of the short list of Joe Biden’s VP contenders. Kamala is ready on day one. She has supporters who want her as a national prosecute working for our side  for a change. 

Do you want Kamala to be Biden VP running mate
I’m Ready To Lead On Day One.

What better person to lead law enforcement reform it’s one who has already gone through that evolution and come out a true, blue progressive. I can’t wait to see her grill Mike Pence in a debate!

Right now, Joe Biden is finalizing his decision for his vice presidential running mate. Meanwhile Kamala has launched a legal action to fight back against trump election fraud schemes.

Help Joe Decide Who He Wants For VP While You Can

Sources say that he may choose Kamala Harris!
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But without the support of the American people, a Biden/Harris ticket wouldn’t stand a chance against Trump and Pence.

Joe Biden just confirmed he’ll announce his running mate THIS WEEK, and reports suggest it will come down to Kamala Harris -or a NEW frontrunner?

With a decision coming any day now, Democrats cannot afford to botch one of the biggest choices in political history. Whoever Joe Biden’s running mate is will help determine Trump’s odds of winning another FOUR years in the White House.

So we’re coming to you. With public polls changing so quickly, our research department has asked us to secure 45 updated responses, so we’re counting on your response.

Please, tell us: Who’s your pick to be Joe Biden’s vice president?




Read her book to know why she’s so ready to run

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Did you know there are 9️⃣7️⃣ days until the election…

And we STILL don’t have a safe way to vote during a pandemic!
So Cory Booker issued a dire warning ⤵⤵⤵

Our ability to Vote-by-mail in November will depend upon the healthy functioning of the Postal Service. - Cory Booker


If we don’t fund the Post Office through election day, Vote-by-Mail will COLLAPSE. Democrats will STAY HOME. Trump will WIN!!

Trump stabs USPS in the back

We won’t be able to Vote-by-Mail if the Post Office goes under by November. And that’s exactly why Donald Trump is letting the USPS die!!
We can stop him and save the Post Office, Jim. But only if we can fund ads to apply real pressure. And we’re running out of time!

We are still short of our goal to save the Post Office. Donate $5 or more




Many treason reasons to nail TrumpNEW DEMOCRATIC LAWSUIT: 
Trump is trying to suppress votes and steal the 2020 election!


So Kamala Harris just threatened to SUE!

If 50,000 Democrats join Kamala, we’ll beat Trump in court and stop him from cheating! Click to co‑sponsor the lawsuit >>

Co-Sponsor the lawsuit against Donald Trump →

Kamala HarrisMr. President, it is a federal crime to interfere with people’s right to vote. You may want to talk to your lawyer!

We’re so grateful to have great Democrats like Kamala on our side!
If you stand by her and co-sponsor this lawsuit, Trump will be screwed.

So you can’t wait one more second. Click the button to co-sponsor the lawsuit against Trump and stop voter suppression:

Co-Sponsor the lawsuit against Donald Trump →

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