Tell Your Representatives You Expect Action -With One Click

Tell Your Representatives That You Expect Action -With One Click

Thanks to Need To Impeach you’re just a few clicks away from letting Congress know what you think about Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office. You can also see which of your Representatives and Senators need more attention. Scroll down and read up on them before you fill out your E-Post Card.
Keep coming back to see if they’ve moved toward favoring the impeachment of Donald Trump.
With our digital postcards-to-Congress program, you can make your voice heard on impeachment without a trip to the mailbox.

Tell your representatives

that you expect action

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Then, in just a few minutes, you can reach out to House leadership and key representatives who sit on the Judiciary Committee — everyone who needs to hear from this diverse and powerful team. We’ve even given you some sample language to get started.
It doesn’t matter how you choose to reach out, just that you do it. Getting Donald Trump out of office is going to take all of us banding together and demanding that our representatives actually represent our values. What are you waiting for?
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Tax Day Message From NEED TO IMPEACH

It’s Tax Day, and I’ve done mine. You did yours. What about the President? How are we still asking ourselves where Donald Trump’s money goes, and where it comes from?
Congressman Richard Neal, the person in Congress with the power to actually get us this information as chair of the Ways and Means Committee, requested Trump’s taxes weeks ago — but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin isn’t complying with that request. Now, Neal has set another deadline instead of pursuing legal recourse.

We can’t accept this. Call your representative today and give them this message:

Urge Rep. Neal to hold Mnuchin accountable so we can see the tax returns.

The Treasury Secretary can’t hide Trump’s taxes forever. Tell Neal to bring Mnuchin before Congress and ask him why he’s refusing to comply — and to hold him in contempt if he doesn’t.

Call Your Representative

Go get ‘em,
Kevin Mack
Lead Strategist
Need to Impeach


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