Cancel Stephen Miller

Cancel Stephen Miller

It’s time to start removing characters from the bad TV reality show of the Trump Administration. Cancel Stephen Miller, impeach Robert Barr. Apr 30, 2019

Earlier this month, news broke that the Trump administration considered detaining migrant children at Guantanamo Bay — the infamous U.S. military detention center in Cuba.

This was after they had already asked the Pentagon to send thousands more troops to the border. And before that, they announced they are trying to detain asylum seekers indefinitely.

We are witnessing an intentional escalation of inhumanity in the administration’s immigration policy. And besides Trump himself, the one man reportedly doing more to drive this horrific anti-immigrant agenda forward than anyone else? Stephen Miller.

You might not have heard about him yet, but Miller has had his hands in Trump’s most infamously despicable policies:

  • Miller reportedly architected the racist Muslim Ban that is blocking those seeking refuge, denying life-saving medical care, and separating families across borders [1]
  • He is a key advocate of the horrific family separation and child detention policy, and reportedly wants to revive it in full-swing [2]
  • And during the government shutdown this year, he added poison pill language to block a bipartisan compromise so that federal employees and contractors could get back to work [3]

Stephen Miller was not elected or confirmed, but he CAN be stopped. But only if we make him so politically toxic that the next time Trump purges his Presidential advisers, Miller gets the boot. And that’s where you come in:

Add your name: Cancel Stephen Miller!

The list of hard line anti-immigrant and white nationalist policies pushed by Stephen Miller goes on and on and on. Here’s another taste:

  • Miller reportedly single-handedly reduced the number refugees the U.S. accepts to its lowest level ever, and was quoted as saying “I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil” [4]
  • He pushed the Department of Homeland Security to reveal personal details about asylum seekers in press releases [5]
  • He personally intervenes in individual asylum seeker cases to argue for deportation [5]

And what’s more? After Kirstjen Nielsen and other high-ranking officials at the Department of Homeland Security were kicked out, Trump reportedly told Stephen Miller that he is now “in charge” of America’s immigration policy. [6]

If true — and if left unchecked — the consequence will be an even greater moral and humanitarian catastrophe than we are witnessing today. That’s why we HAVE to make Stephen Miller so politically toxic that Trump has no choice but to ditch him.

Add your name: Cancel Stephen Miller!

We do not need more harmful policies like those pushed by Stephen Miller — more money or laws to deport and block and detain people in desperate need. We need a new strategy that accelerates and humanizes our asylum, refugee, and immigration systems to uplift the rights and dignity of all people seeking refuge.

Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen and the Win Without War team

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