Impeach William Barr Now

Impeach William Barr Now For Refusing To Release The Mueller Report Unredacted

The Mueller Report is out and the Republican spin machine is going full blast. They are trying to rationalize the un-Constitutional refusal to release the full Mueller Report. Get the true news about Barr’s obstruction and what is being done about it. William Barr is a disgrace to his office. His loyalty is purely as a partisan fixer for Trump and the other criminals in Congress. Lying to our representatives is lying to us. Stop partisan games of desperation from denying our right to know about Trump’s criminality.

Need To Impeach member,

It’s been over a week since we read a redacted version of the Mueller report that, even with the missing portions, clearly points a finger at Donald Trump’s impeachable offenses — and Democrats in the House have yet to begin impeachment proceedings.
In fact, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear during a conference call on Monday that she doesn’t intend to draft articles of impeachment right now.
It’s important to make sure your representative is standing on the right side of history.
This team has continued to grow since the Mueller report was released — nearly 8 million Americans are ready to see this illegitimate president held accountable for his impeachable crimes.
Your member of Congress is beholden to you and your values. Tell Rep. Upton you expect to see action on impeachment.
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With the release of the redacted Mueller report yesterday, here’s a special edition of our Need to Know update.
We’re still processing the full weight of the 448-page Mueller report released yesterday, but no matter how Attorney General William Barr and the Republicans try to spin this, the report provides Congress a roadmap to impeachment. Sign on to demand Congress start impeachment hearings at once.
Here’s what stood out to us:
  • The Trump campaign knew about and encouraged Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election; they did not report it to the FBI.

  • Donald Trump had prior knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of Clinton’s emails.

  • Within five hours of Trump publicly asking them to, Russia made its first attempt to hack Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller could not clear Trump of “criminal conduct,”given the considerable evidence of obstruction of justice.

  • Mueller left the decision on obstruction up to Congress, since he said that Justice Department policy prohibited him from indicting a sitting president.
  • Mueller sent out 14 criminal referrals for investigation, only two of which are public.
All this to say: The damning evidence against Trump points toward impeachment, and we need our elected officials to act on that evidence, now.


Even with the redactions, the Mueller report we saw last week was a clear call for Congress to pick up where the Special Counsel investigation left off and begin impeachment proceedings against a president guilty of 10 impeachable crimes.
When you joined us in October of 2018, you made a statement: Behavior like Donald Trump’s cannot go unchecked in a democracy. Now that most of the Mueller report is public, our movement is growing, with 2020 candidates like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro joining our call for impeachment.
We’re running out of time to hold Trump accountable. Don’t let him get away with undermining the very foundations of our political system — and our country.

Leading Off: Mueller Report, A.K.A. The Roadmap for Impeachment​
Despite two years of Donald Trump trashing the Special Counsel investigation, weeks of Attorney General William Barr’s lies dominating the news cycles, and heavy redactions throughout, the Mueller report still provides substantial evidence that Donald Trump obstructed justice — in 10 detailed episodes — to cover up his multiple crimes and financial corruption. Trump repeatedly tried to kill the investigations into his campaign to keep the American public from the truth about his corruption.
John Dean, the former White House counsel who went to jail for covering up Richard Nixon’s crimes, called it the “most damning report about a president.” The Atlanticsays the Mueller report is “an impeachment referral.” By refusing to clear Trump of “criminal conduct” regarding obstruction of justice, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made it Congress’ responsibility to take action.
Mueller followed a Justice Department policy stating the president cannot be indicted — if he hadn’t, it seems like Trump would have been indicted. Mueller’s team did make a point of saying Trump could be prosecuted after leaving office, so they “conducted a thorough factual investigation in order to preserve the evidence when memories were fresh and documentary materials were available.
We can’t wait for Trump to leave office of his own accord, because that won’t happen, and we can’t just let all this go. Call your representative and leave them a voicemail to start impeachment hearings now.
Yes Collusion!!!!!​
While Mueller’s team did not think the litany of connections between the Trump campaign and Russia rose to the legal level of “criminal conspiracy,” they found ample evidence of collusion. The Trump campaign knew about Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election and was in contact with them, but rather than reporting it to the FBI like any patriotic American would have, they actively encouraged it. Mueller found that the Trump campaign “expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts.” We know that Russian operatives first tried to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails right after Trump publicly asked them to. Trump also tried to get his subordinates to commit crimes when he asked his own campaign staff to find Clinton’s emails, and told an aide after a phone call that “more releases of damaging information would be coming.” The campaign had a press strategy planned around WikiLeaks’ release of Clinton’s emails. And after Trump won, Putin “deployed his oligarchs” to make contact with the transition team.
Legal scholars say the report’s findings should worry people that “America’s own national security interests may not be guiding American foreign policy.” We still don’t know why Trump denied any knowledge of Russian election interference during and after the campaign when he knew full well it was going on. Remember, this is a censored version of the report — just imagine what’s underneath the redactions. Fortunately, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler finally issued a subpoena for the full, unredacted report and underlying evidence, and Democratic leadership has called for Mueller to explain the report in public testimony.
Trump’s abuses of power demand accountability and the constitutional recourse is impeachment. Starting impeachment hearings is the only way to ensure that the full truth is laid before the American people. Add your name to demand Congress begin impeachment immediately.
More to Know from the Mueller Report:​
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Help Us Grow This Movement to Impeach​
Now that the Mueller report is out and the Republican spin machine is going full blast, we need this team to be as strong as possible. It’s going to take a concentrated effort to counter the lies coming out of the White House and push House Democrats to start impeachment proceedings. We’ve created an online dashboard that makes it really easy to share the petition and content with your friends. Will you log on and start recruiting impeachment supporters to help grow the movement? First, watch this video where we show you just how easy it is to use our dashboard — then go to to get more people on board this team.
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