Moving the goal post on Senate rules for trial to benefit Trump

A Mission Briefing From and Progressive Turnout Project

A Mission Briefing From and Progressive Turnout Project

Learn about 2 nonprofit organizations dedicated to increasing voter participation, and Progressive Turnout Project. Join these digital realm activism platforms. First you will empower yourself by verifying and securing your own vote. Then help empower others with the facts. Know what we are up against in our resistance to Trump and the Republican’t Party. So read on, use the tools and maybe show some financial support. Surveys don’t require a donation in order to count, so feel free to voice your input.


We Have Some Bad News

Mitch McConnell destroyed Democrats’ bill to create a National Vote-By-Mail system. He refused to even hold a vote.

McConnell knows: This health crisis could last months. Unless everyone can vote-by-mail, millions of Democrats could be afraid to vote in person. Trump will be re‑elected.

The 2020 Election is at stake: So we’re racing to launch ads to force Republicans to pass the bill. We just need $100,000 by the end of the day tomorrow to guarantee every American can vote-by-mail. If we get there, it’ll be a HUGE boost of momentum for us, and a humiliating defeat for McConnell. So we have to ask:

The Progressive Turnout Project is proudly dedicated to doing what we do best — connecting with voters one on one to increase Democratic voter turnout.

Make VOTE-BY-MAIL the Law

Our plan? Use data & science to win elections and change the world. We design, test, and execute Voter Turnout campaigns to elect a wave of Democrats nationwide. We’re working around the clock to knock doors, make phone calls, and skyrocket Democratic Voter Turnout to the highest levels ever in 2020.


Republicans-Russia can't be displaced
We build on existing research and run our own experiments on new tactics to make sure our campaigns have the largest impact possible. That means every single dollar you donate will make a huge difference. We guarantee it!
Getting Democrats to the polls is the most effective way to win elections and increasing Democratic Voter Turnout is the only way to defeat Donald Trump.

Barack Obama is SO RIGHT:

We owe a profound debt of gratitude to everybody on the front lines of this pandemic. They're giving everything. -Obama

That’s why we’re THRILLED Democrats introduced the Heroes Fund to support Essential Workers amid COVID-19!
Doctors, nurses, Postal workers, food service workers, and more are RISKING THEIR LIVES so that we can stay safe. Many are underpaid for this heroic work.

We TOLD you COVID-19 could force voters home on election day (Trump would win!)

We TOLD you Republicans are blocking Vote-by-Mail to steal this election — Trump even CONFESSED:


Donald Trump's shocking confession
Trump’s shocking confession



But Republicans REFUSE to pass this bill to help them! If you’re grateful for their work, you NEED to sign >>


SIGN THE PETITION: Pass the Heroes Fund to Support Essential Workers →


** 50,000 urgent signatures needed **


America’s essential workers have NEVER been in more danger.

Democrats’ Heroes Fund would give a MASSIVE boost to our essential workers
from doctors and nurses to mail carriers and grocery workers!!

But Mitch McConnell and his GOP cronies are BLOCKING the Heroes Fund… disgusting.

So we’re collecting 50,000 urgent signatures to PASS this bill.

Barack Obama: Elections matter. Voting matters.
Our country is going through dark times. But we can’t stop fighting for progress when it matters most. We can’t sit idly by while Republicans rip apart our Democracy. We have a moral obligation to fight for ourselves, our grandchildren, and our future.
That’s why we need your help! Passing Medicare for All, saving Social Security, and making Trump a one term President will take a MASSIVE increase in Democratic Voter Turnout.

From all of us at Progressive Turnout Project, thank you for being a part of our movement!
Progressive Turnout Project
P.O. Box 617614
Chicago, IL 60661
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Donate to Progressive Turnout Project →





A Mission Briefing From

Last year, we set an ambitious goal to register and turn out 5 million voters in time for Election Day 2020. A lot of things have changed in the last month, but that goal remains the same. We’re committed to turning out a record number of voters in 2020.

We have the experience, the infrastructure, and the flexibility to succeed, even as the coronavirus outbreak has changed some of the strategies we use to reach voters. Now, we’re asking for your support so we can keep adapting and scaling up.

We need 2,375 more individuals like you to chip in at least $3 each for us to stay on track this month. Will you help us reach our goal?

Can You Chip In?

When you contribute to, you’re supporting our work to inform and turn out voters, no matter what.

Here’s what we’ve done since the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States:

  • We know that too often voters sit out elections because they don’t have the right information. was the first organization to create a comprehensive page dedicated to elections and COVID-19. We update this page every time a state changes its elections rules. We’ve shared this resource widely with the help of supporters and partner organizations.
  • With most Americans under orders to stay home, we’ve worked to promote our tools so that voters can safely verify their registration and, if eligible, apply for an absentee ballot from home. In the last month, our absentee ballot tool has been used by 50 times more people than when we launched our COVID-19 page.
  • has the infrastructure to rapidly spread key information about elections and voting through emails and texts. In March, we sent voters more than 4 million emails and about 700,000 text messages about sometimes last-minute election changes. This was in addition to our regularly scheduled outreach to voters.
  • We’ve continued to advocate for policies that make voting safer, easier, and more secure, including the expansion of mail ballot voting.

None of this work would be possible without the support of people like you.

We’re going to register as many voters as we can, and ensure that they have the tools, information, and access they need to participate in our democracy. Our tools and resources are free, easy to use, and can scale up to serve millions of people.

Please consider making a donation so we can keep more voters informed and ready to vote in 2020.

Click here to chip in

Thank you,

The team at

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