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After Trump’s Acquittal Need To Impeach Enters new Phase

After Trump’s Acquittal Need To Impeach Enters New Phase

Need To Impeach enters its new phase in response to the predictable partisan Republican cover up of the Trump-Putin election fraud scandal. We have been preparing for this for weeks. Now get on board with our next phase of resistance against Trump and the Republicans. See the new post acquittal ad.

This lawlessness must result in the destruction of the Republican Party. If you care, get ready to make a stand. Then on November 3 we culminate our plan of Need To Vote!

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Take To the Streets To Resist the Senate Partisan Cover Up

On Wednesday, February 5th, thousands of Americans across the country have mobilized to reject the results of the corrupt cover-up that has unfolded in the Senate. Republican Senators have blocked evidence from the American people and refused to hold a corrupt president accountable.


There were over 150 “Reject the Coverup” marches happening across the country Wednesday. Most start at 5:30 PM, but make sure to look up exactly when and where yours begins. We need to let our members of Congress know: we will not tolerate a blatant cover-up of the Ukraine Scandal. And we will be the jury they face come November.
Keep this rally guide bookmarked as there will be plenty more opportunities to protest.bullhorn rally woman

Thanks and keep up the fight.

We Need to Vote

We started Need to Impeach to hold a law-breaking President accountable. Today, we’re announcing a transition to Need to Vote, an organization that will empower voters to hold Republican Senators and the President accountable.


When Senate Republicans voted to acquit President Trump yesterday, they:

  • Defied the majority of Americans who wanted to hear from witnesses and see new evidence;
  • Signaled to Donald Trump that he can continue soliciting foreign interference in U.S. elections;
  • Engaged in a cover-up instead of a fair trial.

This is not acceptable behavior. Today, a new trial begins. Voters like us will be the jury, and we will make our judgement this November. Are you ready to hold Republican Senators and Donald Trump accountable for their cover-up on November 3, 2020?


Thank you for fighting alongside us all this time. We couldn’t have come this far without you.

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Friend, here’s the hard truth: We’re going to have to take Donald Trump down on the economy. 

That’s what I said last night, and I meant it. Every single day, Trump is crowing about the economy, and he’s going to beat us unless we can take him on. It’s like the Clinton campaign in 1992 said over and over again: It’s the economy, stupid. 
That’s the issue. It’s not about who has the best health care plan. All the Democratic health care plans are a million times better than anything coming out of the Republican Party. The question is, who can go toe to toe with Mr. Trump and beat him? Because he’s the real threat to the country — and our candidate must have the experience to take him down.
Ready to beat Trump?
I’ve built a successful business, started a bank to support marginalized communities, and stood with communities to fight back against big corporations. I know what works, and I know that Trump’s “economy” isn’t working for the people — it’s only working for the wealthy. We have to get this incompetent president out of the White House as soon as possible.
— Tom 

It’s Official: Trump and the republicans are partners in crime!

Need To Impeach Enters New Phase
John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney were available to testify. Why didn’t the Senate want to hear them?
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It’s official. Instead of a fair trial, Senate Republicans have delivered a cover-up to the American people; last week Trump praised the Republicans who helped him escape justice. They are betting that the American people are not paying attention. It’s a losing bet, and we will ensure it costs them on Election Day.
Last week, we launched a $200,000 national television buy on MSNBC and CNN.Watch the ad here:

For more than two years, we have mobilized to put pressure on Congress by making phone calls, sending emails, writing postcards, and taking to the streets to demand accountability. Together, we accomplished what we set out to do: impeach Donald Trump.

Need To Impeach Enters A New Phase

Now, we need your help to harness this momentum into the election cycle so we can vote out Trump and GOP Senators come November. Are you with us?

Need to Impeach


The 3 Plots of Trump-Putin
Learn More – Click Here


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