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April 27, 2019 Organizing Kickoff Events

April 27, 2019 Organizing Kickoff Events in Every State

Organizers wanted for the April 27, 2019 Organizing Kickoff events in every state will be a great show of solidarity to push progress ahead with a Bernie progressive movement.Be a leader of this pivotal and momentous time for our nation.


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First, thank you very much for the great support you’ve given our campaign since we announced six weeks ago. During that period more than 1 million people have agreed to roll up their sleeves and volunteer, more than 500,000 have made financial contributions and tens of thousands have attended our campaign rallies in states throughout the country.

We’re off to a great start but if we’re going to win the Democratic nomination, defeat Trump and transform our country, there’s a heck of a lot more that needs to be done.

I don’t have to tell you that this is a pivotal and momentous time for our nation and for the entire planet, and that there is a monumental clash taking place right now between two very different political visions.

And not to get you too nervous, but the future of our country and the world is dependent upon which side wins that struggle.

That means that if there has ever been a time in American history when our people must stand together in the fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice – now is that time. In other words, we need to create an unprecedented grassroots political movement.

On April 27 we take our next big step in that effort. On April 27 we are going to do something you will remember decades from now.

That is the day we are hosting Organizing Kickoff events in every state in the country, events which will lay the foundation for our grassroots campaign.

And what I am asking you to do today is to say that you will host one of these events.

Now, I understand that maybe many of you have never hosted an event like this before, but not only is it critically important, it is also quite easy. I know that you can do it, because tens of thousands of people did it successfully as part of our last campaign. And shortly after you add your name to say that you will, a member of our team will reach out to make sure you have any support you need along the way.

This is the means by which we bring millions of Americans together to help transform our society. So what do you say?

Please add your name to say you’re willing to host an Organizing Kickoff event on April 27. If we are organized, if we can bring millions of people into our movement, we’re going to win this election. So please, say you’re in.

Maintaining a vibrant democracy based on the principles of justice has never been easy. And in these dangerous and unprecedented times, it may be more difficult than ever.

But we are going to defeat Donald Trump and transform this country not because I am a billionaire or because we have a super PAC funded by billionaires. We are going to win this election and transform this country because we will put together the strongest grassroots coalition in the history of American politics.

I have said it before and I will say it again: real change always takes place from the bottom on up, not the top on down. That’s the kind of process I will always fight for — on this campaign and in the White House — because it is what I believe from the bottom of my heart.

We start at the community level, then we go to the state level, and then the national level. And today I am asking you to be an integral part of that effort, because ultimately creating change starts with you. So I am asking:

Add your name to say you’ll host an Organizing Kickoff event on April 27:

On April 27, we are going to bring people together from all across this country to take the next step in building an unprecedented grassroots movement from coast to coast. A movement which has the courage to take on the powerful special interests that dominate the economic and political life of our country.

Thank you for saying you will take a leadership role in that struggle.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Quarterly Campaign Fundraising

When Bernie Sanders announced he was running for President on February 19th, many elite skeptics and critics questioned whether our movement still existed.

Well, you answered that question in a huge (YUGE) way. And the answer is that our movement is strong and growing stronger by the day.

We just reported our first quarterly campaign fundraising update, and here’s what we accomplished together:

  • $18.2 million raised from 900,000 donations
  • 525,000 donors powering our movement
  • $20 average donation

Here’s a couple of other interesting data points. The number one profession donating to our movement? Teachers. Plus a majority of our donors are under the age of 39. Amazing!

It’s because of you that we are in a position to win this primary, defeat Donald Trump, and transform our country.

I’ll be in touch again soon with more.

Faiz Shakir
Campaign Manager


The only way we will win this fight is if we are in it together. 

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