Campaign Funds Deadline

The Bernie 2020 Campaign Funds Deadline This Week

The deadline to raise funds for a Presidential Campaign has come. There’s a FEC (Federal Elections Commission) rule requiring reporting of not just how much money has been raised, but how many people have made a contribution. It’s considered by the media to be a political campaign’s health report.

In this race, we are in our 6th week.

We are approaching a critical fundraising deadline this week, after which we will publicly report not just how much money we have raised, but how many people have made a contribution to our campaign.

And this deadline gives us the chance to make presidential election history: we may be able to say that our supporters have made 1 million contributions this quarter.

It’s a stretch to reach that goal this early. It would be unprecedented. Yet I believe that it’s possible to get there if we all come together.

Are you in to help us try?

Having more than 1 million contributions would be absolutely, totally historic this early in a Democratic primary. In our 2016 race, we didn’t reach that number until our 6th month.

It used to be that after every one of these deadlines, the political media would talk about how many Wall Street executives contributed how many millions of dollars to prop up the corrupt system that helps them get rich.

Now they measure a campaign’s strength by the number of donations it receives from people all across the country.

And reaching this historic and unprecedented goal would leave no doubt that ours is the largest, strongest grassroots campaign capable of beating Trump.

Vote Bernie Sanders for US President

I cannot thank you enough for all of your support, dedication, and sacrifices for our campaign. We have shown that a political revolution is possible. Now let’s show what we can do with it.

With time running out before the FEC deadline of March 31st, we wanted to say why this deadline – and our goal of 1 million individual donations – is so important for our campaign.

Winning this primary, defeating Donald Trump, and transforming our country is up to us. Bernie cannot do it alone.

Each donation sends a clear message that our campaign is the one that will get it done. But the truth is that we’re currently pacing a bit behind where we need to be to reach 1 million donations by tomorrow at midnight.

Your contribution will help us get there. Can Bernie count on you to chip in – any amount – to reach this important goal? You can do that here:

Anything our campaign is able to accomplish will be decided by lots of people chipping in small amounts of money.

Thanks for adding your donation before tomorrow’s FEC deadline. This is a big moment for our campaign and it means a lot to know we’re in this together.

In solidarity, Team Bernie



We’re currently pacing behind where we need to be to reach our ambitious goal of 1 million donations. 

Stand with Bernie before tomorrow’s critical FEC deadline by adding your contribution today.



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