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Here’s Some True Facts About Bernie Sanders 2020

And nothing but the truth straight to you from his campaign team.
Bernie Sanders did not raise as much money for his Presidential campaign as Beto O’Rourke -top runner as far as funds. But more donors gave to Bernie -How?

Brothers and sisters, if we stand together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. And that is all of us … together
Not me. Us.
I hope you will join me.
 In solidarity


Here is the truth: this morning, Beto O’Rourke announced that he raised more money than us on the first day of his presidential campaign.
About $6 Million.

We hopefully wait on the first official fundraising deadline of our campaign. Shortly after, we’ll report how much money we’ve raised and how many individual donations got us to that number.

We have an audacious goal in mind for that deadline. One we hesitate to share today because, frankly, it’s probably a bit out of reach…

But we’d love to go for it. Because if we got there … we can only tell you the political establishment and corporate media would be absolutely floored.

The good news is, we more than likely had a lot more individual donations than he did.

But what that means is if we are going to avoid getting outspent, it’s going to take lots and lots of people making individual donations to catch up. We already have that… but we have to pick up the pace.

And that’s especially important with the first official FEC fundraising deadline coming up. So here’s the part where we ask:

Can you make a $3 donation to our campaign for president ahead of our first official FEC fundraising deadline? This is important. We just can’t afford to get outspent dramatically in this race.

This first FEC report is going to send a message about who is the best candidate to beat Trump. So we’re looking to report as many individual donations as we possibly can. Each one matters. A lot. So please chip in today.

All our best,

Team Bernie

Vote Bernie Sanders for US President


Dear MoveOn member,

Mitch McConnell just got some very, very bad news. The House of Representatives just passed H.R.1, the most sweeping campaign finance and ethics reform bill in a generation—which would be a major blow to Mitch and his legion of dark-money donors and lobbyists.

But the House passing this bill isn’t even the worst of it for Mitch. The really bad news for him is that H.R.1 is wildly popular with voters.

That means that he has to make a choice that’s sure to cause pain to him or his Republican caucus: allow this bill to come to a vote, risking his control of Washington, D.C., or face the wrath of voters.

And guess who’s up for re-election in 2020? Mitch McConnell.

I’m introducing H.R.1 in the Senate because it’s exactly what we need to fix Congress. MoveOn is joining me in the fight by helping to mobilize grassroots pressure demanding that McConnell allow a vote.

And if he doesn’t, the voters will hold him and his fellow Republicans accountable in 2020. Will you join us?
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