Bernie Sanders Campaign Truth Blog 7

Here’s Some True Facts About Bernie Sanders 2020

And nothing but the truth straight to you from his campaign team.
When Bernie talks about the need to rebuild the American labor movement and to make it easier, not harder, to join a union, he means it.  Bernie’s Campaign hires union workers while Trump relies on China hat makers and undocumented housekeepers.

Brothers and sisters, if we stand together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. And that is all of us … together.

Not me. Us.

I hope you will join me.

 In solidarity,

Here is the truth: no candidate, not even the best candidate you could possibly imagine, is capable of taking on Donald Trump, the political establishment, and the billionaire class of this country alone.
There is only one way to do that. There is only one way we’re going to create a government that will truly work for all of us and not just the one percent of this country.

So today, while the entire political establishment, financial elite, and corporate media watches to see the strength of our movement on day one, I have to ask:

Can I count on you to make a $3 donation to our campaign before midnight tonight? I cannot do this alone, it is only possible if we’re in it together.

What we faced in 2016 and since is nothing compared to what those who want to stop our agenda will throw at us in 2019 and 2020. I am thankful to know that we’re in this fight together. That’s the only way.

Bernie Truth Blog Entry #7

We are proud to share an historic piece of news with you:

Yesterday afternoon our campaign announced that it will be the first major party presidential campaign in history to unionize after a majority of eligible staff designated the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 to represent them.
The right to organize as part of a union has historically been one of the surest ways for American workers to join the middle class.

We cannot just support unions with words, we must back it up with actions. And the truth is, all of the other campaigns in the Democratic primary should do the same.

If you add your voice and let them know you are paying attention, we are sure they will. So we’re asking:

Sign our petition: encourage each of the campaigns in the Democratic primary to form unions that will protect their workers, provide good pay, good benefits, and a voice on the job.

Traditionally, the protections workers enjoy as union members have not existed on most political campaigns — and certainly not ones of this size.

We are proud our campaign is changing that. Because it’s the right thing to do. And like Bernie’s leadership on Medicare for all, free college, a $15 minimum wage and more, we expect the other campaigns will follow suit.

Especially if you make your voice heard.

All our best,

Team Bernie


Sign our petition: tell the other campaigns in the Democratic primary to form unions that protect their staff, provide good pay, benefits, and a voice on the job.





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